25 - 26 / 2006 - 2007

for those of who dont know, my birthday almost coincides with the new year. so every time the year turns over a new leaf, so do I. with surprise parties (hav had that a number of times), gifts and cakes, it had always been a happy experience; and to be frank, an experience i had begun looking forward to.

going through the last hours of my prime youth, of the golden age of 25 (and waiting for the 'surprise' - i did 'sniff' beforehand, something in the making) i was taken back by a new sort of feeling this time around. a sense of despair, a feeling of loss.

with each step in my life reaching toward the inevitable but unknown end, i realized that i was letting the opportunities pass by. 25 years of my life had gone by, and what had i achieved? ofcourse if you count my worldly achievements, i must admit its atleast worth mentioning, if not anything more than that (All praises and thanks to God Almighty).

but what abt my capital for that journey, the journey to reality. the awakening from the dream we are living? how much hav i prepared for that ultimate goal, the day of reckoning!!

and wat abt my responsibility in this world? being born with at least a silver spoon (if not gold) in my mouth in one of the most impoverished countries of this world surely comes with its share of responsibilites!!

with every breath of air i take, seconds are slipping away. this i can never stop. but what i CAN do is maximize the utility of those remaining minutes still at hand. the time i am yet to loose.

and let that be my resolution for both this new years.

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afidalina said...

muahahahaa...50th post? i didn't realise that.. pretty busy with other stuffs that occupy my mind terribly.. yeps..same goes to you.. may this year lifts u up to a better stage in life!