death is number one on the list of things encircling my head lately. it all started with youtubing around. this brought me to the video of Feher's death on field (that fateful football player who died on the field in 2004). since then the thought of death has been playing in the background of my mind, as i continue to travel day to day through this temporal life. i know well enough, one day i would also hv to go. leaving this abode for another world, a world unknown to any of us.

believers in faith believe in hereafter while some others say that everything stops with the last breath. whatever it is, the reality is that everything we are striving for with all our energy and time will be reduced to nothing but a few pieces of inanimate material. all efforts and endeavours to reach newer heights everyday, professionally and personally, will just become dust in a moment of few minutes!!!

sometimes i think, whats the point behind all these. all the struggle to earn a better (more valuable) degree, to reach higher positions, to get a fatter paycheck? the striving for a beautiful wife, nice house, shiny car?? at the end of the day i would be no different from the rickshaw puller who carries me home from work, or the lady who works in my house (5 hrs a day, 30 days a month for a mere 500 taka/less than 10 usd).

there has to be something else! some higher goals to strive for rather than just life !! life itself has to be something more than just eating, sleeping and beeing merry !!! otherwise its an equation all gone wrong. an equation way too imabalanced for any student of science to accept.

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Anonymous said...

Thought of death is the very one thing which most of us try to forget.Fighting for the survival is not the only thing in our present life.We strive hard ...behind lies our Ego and ...
Inserting thought of death in our life and act in line with it is pretty difficult..