first ten days of Dhul Hijja

We are in the first ten days of Dhul Hijjah. Many Muslims are gathered in the holy city of Makka to perform Hajj during this time. Unfortunately, many of us are not among the Hujjaj. Yet Allah SWT in His infinite mercy, has given us an opportunity to share some of their rewards by making the first ten days of this month, more virtuous than other days. This is so that we can increase our good deeds and try to wipe away our sins. According to the scholars, these ten days are the ten best days of the year and the 9th Dhul Hijja, the day of Arafat is one of the best day of the year.

We should all try to exploit those golden days. Some of the recommended actions for these days are:
1. Praying Tahajjud Prayer
2. Fasting, especially in the ninth, the day of Arafat.
3. Saying Takbeer, Tahlil, Tasbeeh and Tahmid.
4. Making a sacrifice following the tradition of our father Ibrahim (a) seeking Allah's pleasure.
5. Repenting from our sins
6. Doing other good deeds, such as reading Qur'an, remembering Allah, honoring parents, and others.
7. Last but not least, making doa; especially on the day of Arafat, which is one of the best days to make doa.

May Allah give us all Tawfique to take advantage of these blessed days.