sunday, 26th november 2006

(around) 2:00 AM

slowly i open my eyes as i place my mobile right in front of my face. is it a call or an sms? or is it the alarm? my mind tries to figure out as it reluctantly drifts into reality from deep slumber. years of familiarity makes me press the 'reply' button while my mind is still deducing whats all the ringing for.

'hello' my spontaneous response to the call.
[the other person:] 'hello f... '

by now, i am much more awake and clearly recognize my elder brother's voice.

'boro vaiya, assalamualaikum' (salam brother) a long distance call at this odd hour is not something normal. i feel my thoughts setting off into action as i reply him.
'unn, adha gonta agey annana mara giye....' (listen, our grandpa passed away half an hour back)


it is 02:11 AM, i notice.
within a minute i am back in bed. its only now i slowly start feeling the news absorbing into myself. all sorts of thoughts come flying across the head.

how is he doing now? will i meet him again in hereafter?

where is he now? where will i reach when its my time to depart.

85 (or so) years of living and all it takes is a single breath to reduce it to memory.

=== this is another incident, totally unrelated to the previous ===

(around) 2:00 PM

i look back to see him lying on the road.
just moments ago, we two were cycling down hill, when i suddenly saw ourselves heading into each other. in desperate attempt to avoid him crashing into me, i managed to turn away; only to hear him crashing onto a pole a split second later.

i am relieved to find myself unscratched. rushing to him, i see blood gushing out of his nose; and immediately i know something is seriously wrong.

a minute later i notice he hit his head quite hard. 'is his memory alright?' - the first thing i think of. (all those sleepless nights watching movies finally paid off !)
'wats my name?'
'where are we?'
'what day is it today?'
- 'give me some time' he repliesto this. he answered the prev two correctly.
sensing danger, i call for help, and in ten minutes we are heading for the hospital.

we continue with his interrogation, while we wait his turn to be attended to. (p.s. hospital service here is damn slow. in fact damn bloody slow!) it turns out he only has memory of a minute or so. (its called brain concussion.) there is a spitting pot next to him and everytime he spits, he asks if the pot is for spitting. its just like watching a one minute video in continous loop.

as i watch him, my head questions : 'how weak and vulnerable we human are?'
a simple hit on the head and you are no longer yourself.
it could hav easily happened that his 29 years of learning, knowledge and experience - all gone just like that. vanished. obliterated. completely wiped out. all those memory, things he had known since the crawling childhood, or those complex mathematical and engineering equations that took years to be ingrained into the brain. every single thing reformatted with a wink.
what if that happens ... to me? or to you?



death is number one on the list of things encircling my head lately. it all started with youtubing around. this brought me to the video of Feher's death on field (that fateful football player who died on the field in 2004). since then the thought of death has been playing in the background of my mind, as i continue to travel day to day through this temporal life. i know well enough, one day i would also hv to go. leaving this abode for another world, a world unknown to any of us.

believers in faith believe in hereafter while some others say that everything stops with the last breath. whatever it is, the reality is that everything we are striving for with all our energy and time will be reduced to nothing but a few pieces of inanimate material. all efforts and endeavours to reach newer heights everyday, professionally and personally, will just become dust in a moment of few minutes!!!

sometimes i think, whats the point behind all these. all the struggle to earn a better (more valuable) degree, to reach higher positions, to get a fatter paycheck? the striving for a beautiful wife, nice house, shiny car?? at the end of the day i would be no different from the rickshaw puller who carries me home from work, or the lady who works in my house (5 hrs a day, 30 days a month for a mere 500 taka/less than 10 usd).

there has to be something else! some higher goals to strive for rather than just life !! life itself has to be something more than just eating, sleeping and beeing merry !!! otherwise its an equation all gone wrong. an equation way too imabalanced for any student of science to accept.


rusted raster

after a two month long absence from the labyrinth of blogging, this is yet another comeback for me. i am nt sure how justified am i in using the term comeback, for i had never intended to leave in the first place. it was merely circumstance that kept me away. that was a change from the somewhat 'heavy duty' blogging in last summer, a change that i hope is for the better.

its for others to judge, but i feel i hv trasformed much in this short span of two months. these days, i am at school 9-9 (more or less) most of the time. now thats a mammoth change for someone like me (who had no relation with books until two weeks prior to exams). (p.s. NO! i hv nt fallen in love! [in case you are wondering]).

so here am i, welcoming myself back to the blogging duniya. in the meantime here are some youtubies i had been obsessed with recently. take a peek, if u care.


back to school

its more than a week i am back in good old aalborg, my hometown for this phase of my life. little bit of procastination, little bit of busi-ness and much of (supposed) post traveling recovery (excuses... thats one of my 'expertise'); all that together kept me away from blogosphere all this while.

well its back to school from next week which means long spates of non blogging would be nothing but expected. so, i am sort of getting myself used to that too... (excuses again...)

i did promise family and friends to come up with stories ASAP, but they say 'picture speaks a thousand words'. so rather than reading the story, experience it yourself here.

happy viewing fellas!


hello from granada

in case you had been wondering, why am i off for a while...
this should explain it.


inconveniences of a marriage of convenience - part III

[part I, part II]

so, where does islam come into the picture?

well, after 200 yrs of hibernation, twentieth century witnessed the awakening of islam. organizations like muslim brotherhood and jamate-islami have taken political islam to newer heights as evident by the huge success of islamists all over the muslim world.
islam is not merely a religion, but a way of life, and it calls for respect, equality and justice for all. thus islamists rising to power in the middle east would bring an end to the puppet-leaders and the illegitimate privilege imperialist forces enjoy.
similarly a self reliant middle east will surely make things much harder for israels 'holy land' policy, considering the fact that despite having the strongest military power in middle east, israel is far well out-sized and out numbered.

and where does the solution lie?

i would say first of all we need a coalition against war. we need an alliance of all peace loving people around the world, an alliance of civilization and culture. an alliance of humanity.
one of the main reasons behind the aggression to continue is people's ignorance. this must be fought. those who knows and who thinks should do all they can to bring forward the facts. to educate people, and to highlight the threat 'war on terror' poses to humanity itself.
as for the muslims, i think we need to get back to our roots, to our deen. history tells us that never have humanity in general and the ummah in particular suffered so much, as long as muslims held the quran and the sunnah superior to everything else.
(being a muslim, i can only talk for them... but i believe if we all give god a little more importance in our hearts, things would be much much different)

inconveniences of a marriage of convenience - part II

[part I]

to better appreciate the recent happenings, it is important for us to understand the background of this war:

israel's going to bed with the anglo american alliance is a marriage of convenience. zionist israel wants to be the super power in middle east, with full control over the so called 'holy land'; while the imperial america dreams of world dominion, for which full oil control is the first precondition. tony blair is nothing but the stooge here... and likely to be 'discarded away' like a toilet paper after use.
but of course, israel is the husband here, and wouldn't at all mind meeting his needs at the expense of the wife's interest.

another interesting fact is the neo-con right wingers, who support israel from a religious point of view. according to the bible, the 'holy land' has to belong to the jews for jesus to return, and so by helping the israelis, they are merely facilitating jesus' return (at the expense of hundreds of innocent children's life)

[part III]

photo credits : israel national news

inconveniences of a marriage of convenience - part I

the ongoing lebanon war has so far claimed 600 plus lives, and the toll is still counting. none one knows where it will end, and how long it will take to reach that end, nor which direction the solution lies. many in the muslim world are seeing this as another battle in the war on terror @ war against islam, and have reiterated their calls for islamic unity.

analysing the build-up so far, my humble opinion begs to differ. to me this is neither a war against islam or muslims per se, nor does solution lie in the so called islamic unity.

in this war, we have the israeli zionist regime, with support and encouragement from the anglo-american alliance against the people of lebanon & palestine and the whole of middle east and world opinion.

before moving on, lets take a look at the so called islamic unity and why, according to me, such a unity is not the solution:

first – the very term islamic unity is quite ambiguous.... does it mean unity of muslim countries, or is it unity of islamic countries. if its the former, then we already have our stooges named oic (oh i see), arab league and world muslim league. however, if its the latter, then sad enough, there are no true islamic countries in the very first place. unless of course one would considers saudi kingdom and pakistani dictatordom in the rank. alternatively it could mean unity of islamic organizations, which i highly suspect will be readily linked to obl and terrorism.

second – such a call for islamic unity gives the hard-line right wingers a stronger voice.
it gives them the chance to play with religious emotions... and the sentiment attached to it, and say -'look i told you, their agenda is islamization of the world.'

third – the ongoing war against war on terror is fought by human right activists around the world who are mostly non-muslims themselves. such call for islamic unity would surely alienate the muslims from them and implant a negative impression about islam and muslims.

[part II, part III]

photo credit - The Guardian


eyes wide shut

Like most Harvard business school graduate, my life was focused on making my first million by 30, and having everything that came with it. Everything i did was entered around that... flying up the corporate ladder... making the right contact. Life had always been too busy for me to think anything outside my job and myself. Once in a while, news of AIDS in Africa or hunger in Asia caught my eyes, but the remote control was quick in bringing me back to my diet of 'sex and the city', and 'who wants to be a millionaire?'

life was speeding away without glitches, Until i met Stella at a party one evening. I must admit, she was neither an eye catching beauty nor a sexy blonde. Probably, We wouldn't even have had met, were it not for my clumsy hands dropping a wine glass. She was standing close by and spontaneously joined in to help me clean up.

In six months, we came a long way as friends. She was very different from other women i had known so far. To me she was a mystery, always unpredictable, and very unconventional. Usual girl talk of who did what or i want to be this and i want to be that wasn't her soup. She storied about her life in Kenya, where she spent three teenage years. She would talk about the friendly people, their simple living and their humble aspirations in life. It was then that i first realized there exists a world outside my knowledge. That was also the first time, i noticed that not everything is as nice as here... suffering, disaster, war... such words exist beyond the realm of dictionary.

It was her who taught me to think. To question myself, to ponder over life. 'Is life all about making money, owning the best house, and driving the best car? Is it about having the most beautiful wife, and having famous ppl as friends? Is reaching newer heights all that matter?' she once asked. 'Or is life about being content? Having that feeling of goodness after feeding a hungry stomach or helping a needy hand? Knowing you have helped improve someone's life?'.

Since then my life has changed dramatically, and i have come a long way. Not towards that coveted dream of making the million, and owning the mansion... but a towards a new dream. The true American dream of peace, prosperity and happiness for all.

'Why didn't i think of this earlier? Why didn't the cries ever touch my heart?' I questioned myself. 'Well its because someone didn't want you to. Someone wanted to stop thinking, stop asking questions. Someone wanted you to be too engrossed in life to ever think about it, to ever have time to appreciate it', answered my mind.

Will you too continue to live in defiance, like i once did? Or start thinking and be the true self you are born to be? The choice is yours!

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its blogging time

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3. the sponsors.
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120 lives and a destroyed city. who gains?

it seems hamas leadership have finally agreed to creasefire and the release of captured israeli army cpl in a peace deal brokered by palestinian president mr mahmoud abbas, in exchange of palestinian prisoners at some point in the future.

cpl gilad shalit was captured on june 25 and israel immediately responded by completely devastating what was left of the already shattered gaza. israeli air raids and ground attacks destroyed bridges, infrastructre and the only power plant there, plunging the city into (almost) complete darkness. in the process more than 120 palestinian lives, of them 26 children, were lost along with the death of A israeli soldier.

the end result: cpl gilad shalit is being released and so are the demanded palestinian prisoners in exchange (though israel prefers to describe it as goodwill gesture and not direct exchange).

isnt that what both parties were demanding from day one? so why couldnt they settle on it then? why did 120 innocent ppl hav to die? why was a demolished city further destroyed? how did the inhumane sufferings of thousand gazans and the uncertainty of some israelis benefit both parties?

one thing i know for sure, at least bloggers like me had something to rant about for a while :)


where does it end?

here is an article by Uri Avnery, an Israeli journalist, writer and peace activist on the solution to the decades of mid-east conflict.

(i am posting the summary here for those short of time!)

"Stop that shit!"

Lebanese children, covered with wounds, in Beirut hospitals. The funeral of the victims of a missile in Haifa. The ruins of a whole devastated quarter in Beirut. Inhabitants of the north of Israel fleeing south from the Katyushas. Inhabitants of the south of Lebanon fleeing north from the Israeli air force. Death, destruction and unimaginable human sufferings everywhere.

What was Hassan Nasrallah thinking of, when he decided to cross the border and carry out the guerrilla action that started the current Witches' Sabbath? And why at this time? Knwoing that the Israeli government was waiting for a pretext to attack Lebanon with full force. Why?

The reason that strongly convinced him to enter upon such an adventure at precisely this time was infact Palestine. Two weeks before, the Israeli government used the captured soldier as pretext to shatter the Palestinians' will to resist and to destroy the newly-elected Palestinian government, dominated by Hamas. And, of course, to stop the Qassams.

One thing is clear: Nasrallah would not have started this vicious circle of violence, if the Palestinians had not called for help. Either from cool calculation, or from true moral outrage, or from both - Nasrallah rushed to the rescue of beleaguered Palestine.

But where does all this lead to?

At most, another delicate armistice, with the Israeli government claiming victory and Nasrallah (or his successors) taking pride in satanding up to one of the mightiest military machines in the world.

No real solution will be achieved, because there is no treatment of the root of the matter: the Palestinian problem. Whoever longs for a solution must know: there is no solution without settling the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. And there is no solution to the Palestinian problem without negotiations with their elected leadership, the government headed by Hamas.

If one wants to finish, once and for all, with this shit - as Bush so delicately put it - that is the only way.


see no evil, hear no evil

as the destruction continues and suffering starts piling up in Lebanon, president bush remains defiant on his support for the murderous state of israel. "As a sovereign nation, Israel has every right to defend itself against terrorist activity," he said, though this time he added "... be mindful of the consequences. And so we've urged restraint."

in the meantime, latest attacks claimed yet another 23 lives. active southern lebanon doesnt mean a quiter gaza. its war on both front, and dead bodies continues to pile there too. '... (israeli) ongoing offensive against the impoverished Gaza Strip, killed at least six Palestinians on Sunday, July 16.'

so, what can we do?
well, here are something that you can do... remember every little bit counts.
1. sign Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition
2. donate. (i am not sure if it is limited to residents of the UAE or not) an initiative called "Ma3ak ya Lebnan" (with you oh lebanon) has been taken by the Lebanese Embassy. Send your donations to: All branches of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Account # 20000488.

And this is from Beirut Spring:

3. cnn is taking a vote on whether the Israeli response is justified. show your opposition to it by taking the quick vote.
Look for the QUICKVOTE box to the right of the news in the page.
4. pray for them. whatever your faith, whichever GOD you turn... spend two minutes to say a prayer for them. ask for GOD's help.
5. lastly, create awreness and spread the message....

here are some lebanese related blogs, if you are looking for fresh info, you will surely not be turned down.
Beirut Spring - Mustapha is blogging straight from Beirut
Lebanese Blogger Forum - updates every hour from inside the mayhem
The Lebanese Bloggers - asking angrily the right questions
Blogging Beirut - life goes on and he is showing everybody how
David Bau - a big list of links to people blogging from inside Beirut right now
(thanks to safia for the links)

btw, israel has rejected UN calls to deploy peace monitors in the region. "I don't think we're at that stage yet," said an Israeli government spokeswoman.


while the world (those rare few who prefers to hear of news around the world over what paris hilton is wearing today) has its focus on israel - lebanon - gaza, the deadly sectarian violence continues to thrive with full force in iraq. up to 55 people have been killed and 58 wounded in an attack on a market outside Baghdad.

by the way, why should i be worried abt wats hapening half the globe away? isnt it too far away from me. just turn off the tv, and i 'see no evil, hear no evil' any longer.


vicious cycle of violence

israel's gaza offensive has so far (as of friday) claimed 82 mostly civilian lives in the past 12 days, of them 22 children. this incursion was in response to palestinian home made rockets and their freedom fighters' kidnapping of a teenage soldier.

israel says this is deserved response to acts of terror by the (almost powerless) palestinian freedom fighters. palestinians, on the other hand, have vowed not to let in to pressure and says will duly retaliliate.

its the same story in southern lebanon, where hezbollah guerillas captured 2 israeli soldiers and killed a few others in an attack claimed to have taken five months in planning. israel's immediate attempts to free the capture soldiers, hawkish as ever, claimed 73 lives so far, nearly all civilian (as usual). hezbollah chief responded with a declaration of war. "You wanted an open war and we are ready for an open war", said he with full defiance, shortly after surviving an assassination attempt.

it well seems things are much deeper than just hamas and hezbollah's deadly brawl with israel. syria, iran, iraq, lord USA ... all these names comes in naturally.

looks like middle east is in for some deeeeep sXXt.
the worst part : its the innocent civilians who are suffering and will suffer the most....

i wonder whether any mortal knows where, when or how will this vicious cycle end? or, will it not??


you may read this comment on the guardian


must read - (for those who wish to think)

The Middle East Agenda: Oil, Dollar Hegemony & Islam

(excerpts from the Transcript of a Public Lecture)

By Prof. Francis A Boyle

Little has changed in the imperialist tendencies of American foreign policy since the founding of the United States of America in seventeen eighty-nine. The imperial government of the United States opened the twentieth century by stealing a colonial empire from Spain - in Cuba, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Philippines, then inflicting a near-genocidal war against the Filipino people. And today at the dawn of the twenty first century, the world witnesses her efforts at stealing a hydrocarbon empire from the Moslem states and peoples, under the pretext of fighting a war on terror or eliminating wmd or promoting democracy which is total nonsense.

We have to begin the story with the Arab oil embargo in 1973. As you know in 1967, Israel launched an illegal and preventive war against the surrounding Arab states, stole the land and ethnically cleansed the people. But eventually Egypt offered a Peace Treaty to Israel which Israel rejected and the Egyptians and the Arab states decided then to use force to recover their lands. Israel almost collapsed, the United States and Europe came to their support by providing weapons and in reaction the Arab states imposed an oil embargo on the United States and Europe, and brought their economies to their knees.

The United States government then at that time, planned, prepared and conspired, to steal the oil of the Persian Gulf. They put into planning an interventionary force, designed expressly for the purpose of stealing Arab oil fields, and that was called the rapid deployment force. And it took ten years of training, planning, positioning, and supply to build that interventionary force of that capability and eventually it was called the U.S. Central Command, put togethet to steal and control and dominate the oil and gas resources of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. And that's exactly what the U.S. Central Command proceeded to do in the Bush Sr. war against Iraq, their first military expedition.

In his book, Clash of Civilizations, Huntington pointed out that the only Arab state with the capability to lead the Arab world and challenge the United States and Israel was Iraq. And so Iraq had to be destroyed. In addition they continued the genocidal economic sanctions on the people of Iraq, which killed approximately 1.5 million Iraqis, all of whom were innocent civilians. And when U.S. Secretary of State Madeleine Albright was asked about the five hundred thousand dead children, she said that she thought the price was worth it.

And then came September 11. And we know for a fact that the Bush Jr. administration knew that a major terrorist attack was going to be launched on the United States. Why? The United States wanted access to the oil and natural gas of Central Asia. Indeed, from my research the war plans drawn up by the Pentagon for the war against Afghanistan were formulated as early as 1997.

Now comes the third step in the Pentagon's pre-existing plan, to control and dominate the oil and gas resources of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia. It' s sounds a bit like the plan that Hitler and the Nazis had in the 1930"s. So first Afghanistan, then Iraq, and now Iran. And so now Iran is going to be the next victim of these outright criminals unless you and I can stop them.

So if the United States goes ahead and attacks Iran, we could see warfare erupt all the way from Egypt to the border with India. This whole area convulsed in warfare. And who will be the primary victims of this war? Muslims. The United States could not care less about Muslim life. And when Professor Sharif Bassiouni, the UN special rapporteur filed the report with the Security Council against US practices in Afghanistan, the Americans had Kofi Annan fire him. Just as they had Kofi Annan fire Mary Robinson, the UN high commissioner for human rights, when she protested what was going on down in Guantanamo.

Now, I do not believe the United States will initially start bombing Iran with nuclear weapons. But if things get out of control they are fully prepared to use tactical nuclear weapons. In the Pentagon's Joint Publication 3-12, which you can get on the internet.. (just do a Google search and read it) you will see there that tactical nuclear weapons have been fully integrated into United States conventional forces.

Two weeks ago we had the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization; China, Russia and Iran. So again, if Bush were to attack Iran, he very well could set off a Third World War, a nuclear war.

the complete article >>
referred pentagon document >>


a long due post

this is my humble efforts at analysing the danish cartoon incident. started working on it long time back, but being the lazy soul i am, never found time to complete it; until today.
i would appreciate your critical comments ... just want to see how i fared.


The cartoons that shook the world.

Living in Denmark, i had the opportunity to observe the cartoon incident from a different viewpoint compared to many others. Morever an initiative by local AIESEC gave me the opportunity to hear many sides of the story. This analysis is an attempt to put all these together, flavoured by my own observations and outlook.

Before I proceed, lets have a look at some general facts about Muslims in denmark.

- There are around 270,000 [BBC] Muslims
- They came to Denmark in the '70s from Turkey, Pakistan and some Arab countries, primarily as workforce.
- In late 80s and 90s, there were an influx of Muslim refugees and asylum seekers from Iraq, Iran, Somalia, Bosnia and Afghanistan.
- The Arab, Pakistani and Turkish origin muslims seem to better off with many owning businesses and their children being well educated. This includes many of the Iraqi refugees who were more successful in blending into the society compared to other refugess. In fact, there are an Arab and a Pakistani born MP.
- Among refugess Somalis are the largest in number. Most of these people are under-educated and many live solely on social welfare.
- There are a handful of Danish Muslim reverts, counting upto 5000 at most.
- Each of this group has their own Islamic Organizations, with generally little cooperation amongst themselves. Nvertheless, there are a few new organizations, comprising mostly of the danish born muslim members of different ethnic background. However the lack of central umbrella-like body makes the muslims quite disunited and without a strong voice to represent themselves.
- Muslims were not seen so positively in the society (and still aren't, i suppose), thanks to the media bias against them and their not so active role in the society.

Moving on to the main article, first I will look into the reasons behind the incident and then put foreward how, in my opinion, we can learn from this incident and put to practice the lessons learnt.

A. The reasons behind the sad incident

There had been many theories and counter theories on this with the issue being widely discussed in depth in many different forums. For some, this is a manifestation of freedom of speech, an ideal europe holds so sacred; while for others its a plot by the neo-cons to demean their peaceful faith. Yet many others sees it as a bad joke gone too far.

In my opinion, its a neither of these in particular, and at the same time a little of all in general. This cannot be seen as an independent incident with JP publishing the cartoons out of nowhere. Instead, i see it as an outburst of the dam that had been swelling up for so long.

First, i would like to point fingers to my brother and sisters in Islam. They are almost five percent of the population, but because of their disunity and backwardness in terms of education and social involvement, they had failed to potray a positive image in the society. Those more Islamically inclined saw the society, open and individualistic as most other european societies, as a threat to their faith and practice. In response, they sought out to cluster themselves in seclusion. On the other hand, some of the muslims, in their attempt to integrate, totally lost their own identity.

Neither of this approaches earned much respect from the Danes, and instead potrayed an incomplete and alienated picture; Thus harbouring suspicion and mistrust at both ends.

Had the muslims recognized the fact that they are the minority and hence it is not only in their interest, but also their prerogative to take well planned and affective measures to integrate into and build bridges with different elements of the society, such a sad incident could have been avoided. This can be seen from the fact that those who drew the cartoons were common people responding to the request by the newspaper. (In fact most of the cartoons do not seem to intent any derogatory remarks, and the cartoonists might not have had drawn them had they been fully aware of reasons behind the ban on depicting the Holy Prophet [peace be upon him].)

On the other hand, the misdoing by JP can also not be fully overlooked. I read an article linking Flemming Rose, the JP cultural editor who sanctioned the cartoons with the neo-con elites in US, though I dont know how strong the evidences were. In my opinion, there are always people who would like to see the world more divided, people who are always on the forefront preaching hatred and non cooperation, simply because it serves their political agenda. However, any person is only incharge of his own actions and not others, so i dont think Muslims should be crying out loud over what others are doing. Instead, if they would perfect themselves and are successful in being part of the society and potraying the true picture of Islam, these negative voices has to shut off by itself.

Lessons and way foreward

This incident should serve as the long due wake up call to Muslims in particular and peace loving citizens of the world in general. Its time we learnt that the era of free food is long gone. If we want to establish justice and truth and see peace and freedom prevail in this beautiful world of ours, we better ackowledge the fact that 'no pain, no gain' and learn to work for it. Here are few steps, in short, that should be taken:

1. In this cyber-information age, Ignorance is no longer bliss; rather, knowledge is power. It is not enough to reside in our little comfort zones and know only about ourselves. Instead, we should learn as much of as many things as possible.

2. Coming out of the comfort zone. We need to play a much more active role in the wider society, wherever we are, no matter how long (or short) we are going to be there for. This can in the form of community service, helping the needy, creating awareness or even active participation in politics.

3. Dreaming and planning. Its true our current situations only paints a picture of misery and depression, but in the midst of all that there is hope. In fact, if we look at things carefully, we would find much to hope for. It is time we ride on this hopes and dream of a golden tomorrow, a tomorrow where children can laugh and play without fears, a tomorrow where humans are humans, a tomorrow filled with joy, happiness and prosperity. The same tomorrow for ALL citizens of the world.

It is time we took fate in our own hands and work towards building it the way we want to. The challenge is our for the taking.


happy birthday, mr president

its mr president's 60th birthday. (texas state is still serching for the missing monkey)

today is my dad's (NO, this idiot isnt my dad!!!) 60th birthday too. what a shameful coincidence!


and there is still hope

instead of crying over all the shortcomings of our motherland, lets be pragmatic; cling on to these rays of hope and work towards turning them into beams guiding the nation.


BIRDEM receives 2 extraordinary donations

One of the donors, a garment worker, donated all her savings $7100 ( tk 5 lakh )

The Diabetic Association of Bangladesh on Wednesday announced two donations extraordinary from among many donations received from persons and organisations, reports BSS.

One of the donors, a garment worker, donated all her savings and the other gave money collected from his daughter's marriage ceremony to the association.

In a statement, the Diabetic Association, which runs the BIRDEM Hospital, said garment worker Rahimunnesa had saved parts of her wages every month and thus accumulated an amount of Taka five lakh. "She died in a road accident several months ago. But she donated all the savings to the BIRDEM hospital ahead of her death," said the statement.

In another event, one A Matin Chowdhury in the invitation of his daughter's marriage requested all the invitees to offer cash as gift instead of presenting anything else in kind, pointing out that all the money would be donated to the Diabetic Association Fund.

"Almost all the guests responded to his request and thus the newly married couple received Taka 25 lakh in cash, which was eventually deposited with the Association Fund," the statement said. Besides, Matin Chowdhury in person donated another Taka 40 lakh and offered his house in Rankin Street to be used free of rent by the Diabetic Association for the next 24 years.

from NFB

the weekly world in wraps

International research exposes flaws in £33bn marketing budget of Drug firms.
Drug companies are accused today of endangering public health through widescale marketing malpractices, (including) misrepresenting the results of safety and efficacy tests on their products. >>



Developing countries have introduced an internet-based news service intended to provide an alternative to the Western media that they say is biased.


Kuwaitis voted in parliamentary elections with women running for office and casting ballots for the first time in a national poll. >>


The US government said it could not find the men that Guantánamo detainee Abdullah Mujahid believes could help set him free. The Guardian found them in three days. >>


All for love

An American man is believed to have hacked off his own finger and sent it in a gift box to the ex-girlfriend who had just dumped him. >>


'Every Muhammad is a terrorist now.'

Money transfer agencies like Western Union have delayed or blocked thousands of cash deliveries on suspicion of terrorist connections simply because senders or recipients have names like Muhammad or Ahmed, company officials said. >>



Dhaka to Ctg in three hours.

Cabinet approves second Dhaka-Ctg highway. >>
(doesnt mention by when will this project be completed)


living in medieval barbarian age.

alarming story how poor villagers are hostage to usurious mohajons. >> (in bengali)


Bangladesh had lodged a strong protest against India’s move for inviting tenders to explore oil and gas in the undemarcated areas in the Bay of Bengal. >>


bangaldesher birudde indiar shamprotik kormokando >> (in bengali)


typical aalborgian week

sat, 17.06 : party at my place, in honour of some friends who would be leaving for good this summer

tue, 20.06 : satay (malaysia barbeque) in the sun at imad vais place

fri, 23.06 : graduation party (half graduation for some, including me) hosted by ailin vabi. (photos)

sun, 25.06 : omitas birthday (omita, a bangladeshi woman with a danish family)

(i think its more than explanatory)

photo credit - ailin vabi, as usual


summer vacation, but its work as usual

my current sem at uni got over in mid june and the next doesnt begin before september. this two and half months in between is supposedly summer vacation.

with the weather as good as it can be (at times!!!) all i should be doing is having fun in the sun. instead, my days are spent me trying to get in grips with tons of matlab coding, simulation and paper (technical papers, not newspaper) reading. gosh!!! i just wish i hadnt gone out of my way and ask the supervisors for some extra work over the break... just to keep alive my volatile (and short-living) memory cells.

well, the only condolence i can find is 'poro ebong poro, je pore she boro' or 'knowledge is power', though i know well thats only an utopian phrase.


small kindness

earlier today while reading the quran, i was simply overtaken by the inherent message of surah ma'oun (small kindness, surah 107). just read on and you will discover the beauty of it yourself.

i realized the message of quran is wide and deep, but its our narrow outlook and limited-senses that fails to read beyond the words.

In the name of Allah, the Beneficient, the Merciful!

Have you seen him who denies Our religion?
It is he who harshly repels the orphan
and does not urge others to feed the needy.
Woe to those who pray
but are heedless of their prayers;
who put on a show of piety
but refuse to give even the smallest help to others.

The surah stresses unequivocally that, if the essence of faith does not manifest itself in men's behaviour then there IS no faith.

"Have you seen him who denies Our religion? It is he who harshly repels the orphan and does not urge others to feed the needy."

(One) who harshly repels the orphan and does not urge others to feed the needy is thus identified by the Qur'an as the one who denies the religion of Islam? This definition may sound surprising but in fact, this is the core of the whole matter. For if the truth of Islam has in any degree touched his heart, one could commit no such acts.

True belief in Islam is not a spoken word but an overall change of the individual's heart, motivating him to benevolence and goodwill for all his fellow beings that are in need of his care and protection. Allah does not want mere words from His servants but demands deeds to support the spoken words which, otherwise, are as weightless and valueless as blown ash.

through Islam Allah wishes human life to be elevated, happy, based on pure motives and characterised by mutual compassion, brotherhood and purity of hearts and behaviour.

To where then is humanity driving itself?

Away from this abundance of mercy?

Away from this wonderful and sublime path?

How can mankind debase itself to living in the wilderness of a wretched and gloomy Ignorance when it beholds the sparkling light of faith before its very eyes at the cross-roads where it now stands?



new makeover

i think this is a better read (at least i no longer have to strain my eyes).
do you?

today's link : tall stories

The alarming news flashed across America's TV screens on Thursday evening: government agents had thwarted an al-Qa'ida plot, using home-grown American terrorists, to blow up the Sears Tower in Chicago in a ghastly repeat of 9/11.

When the dust had settled barely 24 hours later, a rather more modest version of events had emerged. The seven young black men arrested at a warehouse in Miami and Atlanta had never been in touch with al-Qa'ida, and had no explosives. Their "plan" to destroy America's tallest building was little more than wishful thinking...



This story tells about two friends that were walking through the desert.
At one point during the trip they started arguing and one of the friends hit the other in the face.
The one that had been hit was hurt, but without a further word, wrote down in the sand:

They carried on walking until they came across an oasis, where they decided to freshen up and bathe.
But the one that had been hit before got caught in the mud and was about to drown, but the friend saved him. After he had recovered, he wrote down on a stone:

The friend that had hit his best friend and had then saved him asked:
“After I hit you, you wrote in the sand and now you are writing on stone, why?”

The other friend answered:
“When someone hurts us we should write it down in sand so that the wind can forgive us by blowing it away.”

“But when someone does something nice for us, we should engrave it in stone, where no wind can ever blow it away.”



FBI: obl not wanted for 9/11

the fbi's "most wanted terrorists" web page does not state that obl is wanted for the september 11, 2001 attacks on the world trade center and the pentagon. when asked why there is no mention of 9/11 on the fbi's web page, rex tomb, the fbi's chief of investigative publicity, is reported to have said, "the reason why 9/11 is not mentioned on obl's most wanted page is because the fbi has no hard evidence connecting obl to 9/11."



of booze, babes and broken bottles

in the last weekend of may, otherwise quite town of aalborg, denmark turns into a sea of mass crowd. its the annual 'karneval i aalborg' (carnival in aalborg). since 1983, aalborg hosts this annual event celebrating fantasy and coming of spring through carnival traditions. its a celebration of life, spring and fantasy despite religious and political differences. the carnival is seen as a medium for creative folk culture, with the crowd engaging passionately in the rhythmical and musical display.

like others, i too was well looking forward to this much hyped up event, only to return with a sour experience.

first, it was the broken beer bottles paving my bicycle ride. having been 'once bitten', i 'ever shy' and indeed walked half of the way. after all, last time i had a leak, it costed me 148 kroner (~usd 25).

once at the spot, the welcoming sight was of drunk men and women pissing in the open. i must thank the sisters though, for they had the courtesy to find telephone booths. hmmm... it seems being drunk has its advantages.

i wont go into further details, but within ten minutes, i found myself heading home with a mixed experience. well, though i could smell all the fun and fervor swimming in the atmosphere, i really didnt feel comfortable at how the women were treated. probably, the system is such that they are sort of 'pressured', either through peers, or by themselves (to make oneself fit in) to dress as scantily as possible.

well, in my opinion, that was very derogatory to the honour / status of woman.

would we ever learn to view men and women as human and respect them for who they are rather than what their outlook is?

or appreciate the fact that folklore and culture isnt all about sensuality?

i wonder!


'Israel has a right to defend itself'

"Israeli artillery shells have struck a group of Palestinian civilians at a beach in Bait Lahiya in northern Gaza, killing seven people, including three children, aged one, three and 10. The shells were fired on Friday by Israeli gunboats stationed just off the Mediterranean coast.

"The dead and the wounded Palestinians were having a picnic on the beach as it was the weekly holiday." (excerpted)

Palestinian President termed it "Bloody Massacre" and urged international bodies to intervene! On the other hand, Israel "regret(s) any harm caused to innocent civilians".

and according to Sean McCormack, spokesman for the US State Department, "Israel has a right to defend itself."

very well said. one year old babies picnicing in the beach is a threat to Israel's national security. Who knows, one day, these babies growing up in subhumane conditions without even the basic human necessities (thanks to Israeli 'generosity' and endorsement by the custodian of Human Rights in the universe, Mr. US) might be hurling stones at sophisticated Israeli tanks!!!

remebering june 8, 1967

june 8, 1967 is that fateful day when a United States Navy intelligence ship, USS LIBERTY, was attacked off the coast of Gaza by the Israeli military. It was the fourth day of the Arab-Israeli War, fought to secure the state of Israel in Palestine.

The Israeli government insists that the attack was a tragic accident. But according to reports and statements of knowledgeable American official,it was deliberate and the Israeli story untrue.

"...the board of inquiry (concluded) that the Israelis knew exactly what they were doing in attacking the Liberty."
-- the then CIA Director Richard Helms

know more


buddhijibee hotta: intellectual cleansing

in my opinion, our biggest loss as a nation during the liberation war is the brutal mass-murdering of 114 intellectuals on 14th of december, 1971. whoever did it made sure, the country is left without the head it will need to stand on its feet after independence. and i must say, till date we have not been able to make up for the lost intelligentsia.

iraq's visiting 'guests' (the bloody occupiers) are doing exactly the same, as observed in a recently published article. 'just kill their intellectuals, and the country will have no people to lead them'. good technique guys - it worked for Bangladesh!!!

manush manusher jonno

this cute little smiley angel that you see on the picture is prapti. i well suppose many of you have seen her before, at least those blogging at somewhere. probably this appeal had already been circulated in bangladehsi english blogosphere, but it doesnt hurt to repeat it again. the original posts in bangla are this and this.

in brief >>

every one of us have babies in our families, either our own, or our brothers'/sisters'. these cutie muties are the centre of attraction for the families, bringing new sources of joy and happiness every single day. its the same with prapti, and no member of her family can imagine a day without the sunshine she brings upon them all.

however, unlike other babies, prapti's sweet smile is ind death-bed. the deadly disease lukemia is on an all out effort to hijack thier sunshine from this world. but being in the primary stage, experts say, it is still curable, provided she is treated for three long years. and ofcourse, the required financial means for this is burdensome for a middle-income family like her parents'.


as appealed in the bangla blog, i would say, going out of our way to do a little for this wont hurt any of us. but just as 'droplets of water makes an ocean', this little kind steps on our side would add up to an enormous help for this little sweetheart. and in the process, we earn ourselves the credit of saving a life, and the hundreds of smile that it would take away with it.

be you in Bangladesh, or abroad, please try to do whatever you can.

(p.s. if you have not read the linked bangla blog posts, i would kindly urge you to do so. thanks)

thank you bdblogs

here goes a long overdue thanks to bdblogs.net
few days back i received a comment saying my blog feeds to bangladeshi blog aggregator. wow! i dint even know if there were people visiting my blog, other than those who i force to do so!!!

thumbs up bdblogs.


Todays link

Israeli secret agent threatened to kill me, says Briton

A British charity worker has revealed how he was threatened with death by the Israeli secret service while he was detained for three weeks without charge.

Read the rest


joke of the year

'Opposition leader Sheikh Hasina has been nominated for the prestigious Mother Teresa Award for the political leader’s service to humanity, which was the lifelong preoccupation of the world-famous missionary.

Kolkata-based Mother Teresa Foundation has selected the opposition Awami League chief for the award for 2006. Indian High Commissioner Veena Sikri conveyed the decision to Sheikh Hasina at her Sudha Sadan residence yesterday (Friday) afternoon.

"It’s a great achievement for Bangladesh and for me, too," said the Leader of the Opposition in Parliament in welcoming the Foundation’s decision.' [1]

i bet mother teressa will have a heart attack up there in the heavens.
how about nijami for shadhinota podok (independence award)!!!

[1] daily the independent. 03 june 2006.


welcome back, fuad

our course structure here at aau is quite funny and pretty lenient, with evaluation for most of the semester courses included in that one big project students have to tackle.

this 31st was the submission date for us this semester. spent couple of sleepless nights (nevertheless, the sleep was well compensated the following day) and finally we handed in a 127 page semester thesis. it was one daunting task. but thats not the end of it. we hav to defend our work, which is on the 14th, and that means no respite till then!!! (hmmm... hav u noticed that i am never short of excuses to not keep my blog well updated?)

but there are couple of things, playing around in my head, and i would be more than happy to flush them off. right on to the respective blogs they are intended for. and i can tell you, its some pretty interesting stuffs!!! (never miss any chance to sell yourself :-) ). okay! i am gonna let you on the secret right away... (p.s. you are the first to know)

1. 'experience the Quran project'
its been a while, i had been toying with the idea of having a quran discussion group/forum to see the quran through our own eyes. all (taking part) would have to read a selected exegesis of a selected chapter/verses of the Holy Quran, and then discuss it on following two points:
i - what did i learn from or how do i see these verses.
ii - how can i practice these verses in my life.
since this blog is mainly for my personal experiences, i would use the other blog for it. as soon there are enough interested people to constitute a healthy discussion, we do hope to get going. so if you are interested, do please drop a comment.

2. passion runs deep in me for Bangladesh, my motherland. i feel the bangla blog community has strong potentials to do something fruitful and effective for her, and i hav planned a three part 'motivational talk' to go into my bangla blog. well, most, if not all, ideas are from mr amrkhaleds life makers series.

so off i go, on my mission blogomania. i will still be more than happy to receive my family and friends blessings. and one last thing, looking at the stats, i hardly hv people reading my blog... so if you have accidentally drop by, it would be nice to say hi. (pity this poor old fella')


Witness the biggest cover-up in human history ... Madeup Doctrines ... only begotten Son of God?

One of the central theme of the teachings of Church is that Jesus is the son of God and only begotten son. This is how they start ascribing something to Jesus which he himself didn't teach. And many of the madeup doctrines hover around this idea that Jesus is God and also Jesus is the only begotten son of God.

Read it all at mystic saints blog


its pays to blog

baghdad blog to become a flim

The Baghdad Blog, the daily dispatches penned by the Iraqi architect known as Salam Pax, is to be turned into a film.

(c) Guardian Unlimited, UK


web or wall !!!


Oh! So very often in times of deep trouble we cry to God to help us through and then stare with disbelief; for instead of sending us a miracle we find something so silly we turn away.

During a battle, a young soldier found himself and his army being soundly defeated by the enemy. He and his comrades hastily retreated from the battlefield in defeat, running away in fear of their very lives. As the enemy gave chase, the young man ran hard and fast, full of fear and desperation. Soon he found himself cut off from his comrades. The soldier eventually came upon a rocky ledge containing a cave. Exhausted from the chase and the knowing the enemy was close behind, he chose to hide there. After he crawled in, he fell to his face in darkness, desperately crying to God to save him and protect him from his enemies. He made a bargain with God. He promised that if God saved him, he would serve Him for the remainder of his days.

When he looked up from his despairing plea for help, he saw a spider beginning to weave its web at the entrance to the cave. As he watched the delicate threads being drawn slowly across the mouth of the cave, the young soldier pondered its irony. He thought, " I asked God for protection and deliverance, and he sent me a spider instead. How can a spider save me?"

His heart was hardened, knowing the enemy would discover his hiding place and kill him. Soon he did hear the sound of his enemies, who were scouring the area looking for those in hiding.

One soldier with a gun slowly walked up to the cave's entrance. As the young man crouched in the darkness, hoping to surprise the enemy in a desperate last-minute attempt to save his own life, he felt his heart pounding wildly out of control. As the enemy cautiously moved forward to enter the cave, he came upon the spider's web, which by now was completely strung across the opening. He backed away and called out to a comrade. "There can't be anyone in here. They would have had to break this spider's web to enter the cave. Let's move on." Years later, this young man wrote about the ordeal. What he observed has stood by many in times of trouble, especially during those times when everything seems impossible:

"Where God is, " he said, "a spider's web is as a stone wall. Where God is not, a stone wall is as a spider's web"

Next time you pray, don't turn away from God's simple solutions…!

(c) Bangladesh Independent


blogging the moments away

everyone knows the story of 'hare and tortoise race'

i had just gone through the hare syndrome.

last week, we got a lot of work done with our report, in fact, all but the concluding chapter had been written. so i thought i deserved some rest while the supervisors review the draft, and thus generously gave away lot many 'precious' hours to internet, mainly somewhereinblog and my new bangla blog

'if you want to get good grades, you better add much more content to your report' commented the sup.

now all i am left to do is curse myself and buy some strong coffee; plenty of it.


aro ekti kobita

[je hare kobita lekha lekhi hochche... something is seriously wrong]


happy reading, and comments are welcome!!!

p.s. sorry, only bangla version available.
will translate when i hav time...


i hate you eyassi

[as stated earlier, deadlines are catching up on me. being the mr. jit (just in time) i am, one can guess my desperateness. and yet]

one fine morning, i was writing my report with full concentration. then, along came eyassi on her msn, and .......................

ended up writing this poem for her and loosing account of two precious hours.

ami boshe achee eka eka

ami boshe achee eka eka
shomoier peyala hate.
janina e ki protickhkha tumar jonno
naki amar jhorpakano onuvutir lagamhinota

tobuo ami boshe achee eka eka
nanabid onuvutite jorjorito
hoito ba ek klanto potiker moto
periye asha poter hishabe besto.
otoba ek uddomi toruner moto
agamir pane japiye porte uddoto.

ekdin boshe chilam ami eka eka



alone do i sit,
time by my side.
is it in your waiting,
or just my confused carefree feelings?

yet alone do i sit
afflicted with thoughts
maybe an exhausted wayfarer
contemplating on the path traversed.
or an energetic youth
ready to embrace tomorrow.

alone did i sit once.



whats up?

its been a while i had updated on me and myself at aalborg.
not that it really matters, but still...

1. the best thing about life in aalborg these days is the weather. i can go out in plain t-shirts and slippers... something unimaginable during those cold, dark winter days, when i had to spend ten minutes dressing up, and another ten dressing off.

2. 'shurjo mama jagar agey utbo ami jegey' (i will wake before the sun rises). thats an option i have long ruled out. with the skies bright at 4 in the morning or 10 in the evening, i'd rather not compete with shurjo mama.

3. i shouldnt even be writing this. our project deadline is in a couple of weeks and we have a 100 page (almost) report to complete; blogging is the last thing i should think of. giving way to my conscience, i am cutting away right here.

p.s. dont worry, if i am out of touch. its the report keeping me busy.


piks of the evening

courtesy, shilpa and co.

an evening of dialogues

last weekend, we had our first big activity of ms@aau, an evening of dialogues. it was aimed at fostering and promoting inter-religious and inter-cultural communication among the mutli cultural and multi religious communities of aau. apart from the great food (as always) and all the gathering of friends, i came home stronger in my belief that it is us muslims who are more to blame than anyone else for our "misfortune" all around the world today.

the imam of local mosque and a well known sheikh were among the speakers, and my comments on their talk are:

1. we muslims spare no opportunity to blame others, whereas we are sitting down behind the closed doors of our homes, and praying earnestly for Allah to help us.

2. we assert very little or no effort at all in communicating with the people, but expect them to come foreward in integration, neglecting the fact we are the minority here, and thus it is us who should come foreward.

3. we are out of touch with whats happening around us, and are busy with issues of past. e.g. the sheikh was talking about the cartoons, whereas in the society this is an old issue, which people are no longer interested in talking about.

4. we even fail to connect to our very own youth, who will be the leaders of society tomorrow. this in turn arises apathy in them towards islam, resulting in them loosing their very own identity. finally, we end up with a lost generation. our sheikhs cant even speak the language of the people, let alone think like them. (p.s. the latter phrase is my observation and may not be true)

5. one of the most common thing is blaming the media. but what is media? isnt it just a vessel to transfer information? ofcourse the media will carry information that its stakeholders want to tell, not that of others? if we cant accept our newsletters/media to promote other values or interest (e.g. western lifestyle) why then do we cry out loud over others' media portraying us the way they are!!! it is true that media has ethical and moral responsibility, but in this world of might is right, expecting people to adhere to it is nuthing but a fool's dream. (and i actually think, the media isnt doing that bad after all. i dont see ourselves much different from what is portrayed)

!!!yet we dare to dream of a better tomorow!!!




self realization

this month was unexpectedly very eventful and significant for me, and at least i feel i have grown much in this one month, especially the last two weekends.

notable was the sweden trip followed by the aiesec conference the following weekend. this two trips and event around them have deeply changed my perspective towards myself. one thing for sure, i realised how foolishly i was taking pride in being in control of myself and being a motivated and self conscious youth. a wise man once said, 'he who realized his lack of knowing, has taken the first step towards knowledge*'. my humble prayers to the Almighty to open my hearts to knowledge and to enable me to focus on the final destiny and not the journey towards it.

however, i have done very little for my project and probably my team mates are getting ready to kick my ass. i feel so guilty and at the same time, sort of lost for not being able to get back on track. damn... (mission MAY)

* text is mine (cant recall the exact text)



by pink floyd

Ticking away the moments that make up a dull day
You fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way
Kicking around on a piece of ground in your home town
Waiting for someone or something to show you the way

Tired of lying in the sunshine
Staying home to watch the rain
And you are young and life is long
And there is time to kill today
And then one day you find
Ten years have got behind you
No one told you when to run
You missed the starting gun

And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun, but it's sinking
Racing around to come up behind you again
The sun is the same in a relative way, but you're older
Shorter of breath and one day closer to death

Every year is getting shorter
Never seem to find the time
Plans that either come to nought
Or half a page of scribbled lines
Hanging on in quiet desparation is the English way
The time is gone
The song is over
Thought I'd something more to say

Home, home again
I like to be here when I can
When I come home cold and tired
It's good to warm my bones beside the fire
Far away across the field
The tolling of the iron bell
Calls the faithful to their knees
To hear the softly spoken magic spells

p.s. thank you taNm...


last weekend was easter, and that meant holidays once again.
I followed Ailin vabi, Imad vai and lille Akif to a weeklong trip of Sweden.
The Swedish capital, Stockholm was the destination, but we managed a 2 day stopover at Gotheborg, meeting old friends and looking around.
It was absolutely fabuslous trip... one of the best i have had; the trip itself and also the realizations i have had from it.
a week well spent...

piks and stories will be uploaded soon (you guys know what my soon means, so...)


i thought i was smart

its very common for me to not remember any of my siblings' (and good friends too) birthdays, though i do know the dates. well, i thought i did, until...

both my younger sis and bro has their birthdays in april. this year around, i wanted to be a responsible big bro by surprising them with greeting cards. (cant even recall when was the last time i wished them on their birthdays!!!) i figured out it was the sis first followed by the bro later in the month, and accordingly, i send her a greeting with 'lots of best wishes'.

few days back, when the package finally reached home, i was turned into a big laughing stock.... well, it was the other way round... i wished her on my lille bro's birthday!!!

my brother studies somewhere else, so at least i had the chance to send him a birthday wish thru sms. (thanks to us engineers.... lst minute get away)


my best friend's wedding

my best friend (okay, one of my few 'bestest' friends) is soon going to become a father, a father to a sweet lille baby girl. bet he is gonna be a proud father, and the daughter too, i am sure, would grow being proud of who he is.
but i am not here today to tell the story of his fatherhood, rather i wil story abt his wedding (isnt that obvious from the title!!!)

i knew about his marriage from his fiance (who was already his wife by then)...

the story goes like this....
some times last year, a couple of my mails to him were left ananswered (which is not at all UNusual), including one where i specifically asked him to answer (now that was unusual)... that got me worried, and i gathered his fiance's email address and contacted her.
to my utter surprise and (happiness too, i must admit), i read "my husband is alright, enjoying his last days here... we were married sometime last month"

...yet we are the bestest of friends...

the point of putting up this big story: its not how often you are in touch that measures friendship, its how deep the feeling is in your heart.....and that can only be felt by the other person... not told, not seen, not smelled.

p.s. i later learned, he DID mail me, it was my stupid email!!! tough luck, coz i wanted to be there at his wedding, by his side as his best man.


the days gone by

one thing i never managed well is time. my time management skills sucked and its getting no better. now and then, i embark on a 'time drive', like the 'cleanliness drives' back home in bangladesh. this time, i was (actually still am) trying something new, maintaining a to do list that would pop up on my face, everytime i the comp started up. novel idea indeed, only that... i realized i wasnt scoring any points at it, other than the to do list growing everyday. in recent mails to friends, i pointed how my worlds shrunk considerably here in aalborg. yet, i am finding myself struggling hard, trying to keep pace with time... gosh!!!

it was akifs fourth birthday on 28th feb, and he had three parties celebrating the big occassion, with the biggest on 4th march, two weekends from now. a pictorial narration at http://ailinimad.smugmug.com/gallery/1277287/1 (courtesy of Ailin vabi, Imad vai and Akif Rahman)

better get back to my struggle with time. take care guys...

p.s. i am learning danish these days, so dont be surprised if future postings are dansk~~~


scattered words


the last time i blogged was almost a month back. and that too was just few lines. (guess i hv got through the point i wanted to make - demonstrating my busi-ness)

all this while, my computer once again decided backlash at me for overusing her for study purposes.. argghhh... but things seem better now, at least for the time being.

spring is due soon, and we all are eagerly awaiting her arrival!!! climate is what you expect, weather is what you get [ref:tanm] and it the difference seems wide apart.

i realised there is a fundamental difference in this phase of my life.
all this while i lead a very active life, always involving myself with many things, and most importantly always being around people. in comparison, life here in aalborg is a total solititude. apart from class mates, house mates and country mates, the number of people i know is very few, and of them those i meet is much much fewer. (probably 1 or 2 a week on average).
[my friends surely would have a tough time trying to swallow that fact]

and yet, i am always running short on time.


amr khaleds message to the world

In the name of Allah, the All-Merciful, the Ever-Merciful. All praise be to Allah and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

This is my message to the Muslim Nation, the Muslim youth, the Western civilization, and the whole world. I present this message through Amrkhaled.net to reach the Life-Makers youth and the youth of the forum. I ask them to deliver it exactly as I have said it to the Muslim Nation, the Muslim and Arab youth, the West through all their contacts there and surely to the whole world.

My first message is to the Muslim Nation and the Muslim youth:

Allah (TWT)[1] says what can be translated as, “Say, “In case your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren, and your spouses, and your kinsmen, and riches that you have scored (Literally: committed) and commerce whose slackening you are apprehensive of, and dwellings you are satisfied with, in case these are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger and striving in His way, then await till Allah comes up with His Command; and Allah does not guide the immoral people” (TMQ[2], 9:24). If any of these eight things is dearer to you than Allah, the Messenger of Allah (SAWS)[3] and striving in the way of Allah and His Prophet; if your sons are dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah; if your money is dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah; if your country is dearer to you then the Messenger of Allah; if your wife is dearer to you than the Messenger of Allah, then expect the dreadful anger of Allah (TWT) to be near.

To you I emphasize that dignifying and loving Allah’s Prophet is a divine precept in the same way that loving Allah (TWT) is. Again listen, “Say, “In case your fathers, and your sons, and your brethren… in case these are more beloved to you than Allah and His Messenger …” observe the status of loving Allah’s Messenger (SAWS).

Why should there be all that love? There is another ayah[4] in the Qur’an in which Allah says what can be translated as, “Indeed there has already come to you a Messenger from (among) yourselves. Mighty (i.e., burdensome) to him is whatever distresses you. Most eager is he for your (welfare), to the believers (he is) constantly compassionate, constantly merciful.” (TMQ, 9:128). It is because he is such that we love him in this way. Accordingly the relationship between us and him is just like the ayah in which Allah describes what can be translated as, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and (the ones) who are with him are strict against the steadfast disbelievers, constantly merciful among themselves. You see them constantly bowing themselves, (and) constantly prostrating themselves, seeking Grace from Allah and all-blessed Satisfaction…”(TMQ, 48:29). In order to ensure that such a relationship remains like that for ever, in an ayah in surat[5] Al-Hujuraat, which continuously rings in our ears, Allah (TWT) states what can be translated as, “And know that among you is the Messenger of Allah…”(TMQ, 49:7). The Messenger of Allah is among us?! Who is this ayah addressing? The sahaba[6] at time of the sahaba? No, this ayah is everlasting and effective everywhere and forever. O youth, O mothers, O ladies… Everyone must “know” that in the year 2006, in the year 2010, in the coming century, in the past century: during any age or time, know that among you is the Messenger of Allah. He is among you with his shari’ah[7], he is among you with his sunnah[8] and he is among you with his mercy. He is among you with his path, among you with his way and among you with the light and guidance he left behind. He is among you with his love to you. He is among you with the fact that each time anyone prays for him (conveying him peace and blessings), Allah returns his soul back to him so that he can answer us. He is among us with the fact that all our deeds are presented to him every Thursday, so whatever good there is he thanks Allah for it, and whatever evil there is, he asks Allah to forgive us for it.

Again, the four ayahs I mentioned order us to love him because, “… Mighty (i.e., burdensome) to him is whatever distresses you. Most eager is he for your (welfare), to the believers (he is) constantly compassionate, constantly merciful”. So the relationship between us and him is, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah, and (the ones) who are with him are strict against the steadfast disbelievers, constantly merciful among themselves…”. Allah continues to remind us of this relationship by saying, “And know that among you is the Messenger of Allah…”. All prayers and blessings of Allah be upon Muhammad (SAWS).

My message to the Muslim Nation and Muslim youth is, loving Allah’s Messenger, dignifying Allah’s messenger, defending Allah’s messenger and living on the path of Allah’s messenger is a duty and a responsibility that we will be asked about on the Day of Judgment. O youth, there is a responsibility resting on our shoulders. O Life-Makers, there is a responsibility resting on our shoulders. O ladies, there is a responsibility resting on our shoulders that dignifying Allah’s Messenger is a trust that we will present to him on the Day of Judgment when we meet him at the hawd[9]. We will go to him (SAWS) and tell him we are your ummah[10], we have fulfilled our duty. Perhaps we may have been wrongdoers, perhaps we sinned and perhaps we did not always work perfectly to reform and revive your ummah but we could not but dignify you and make the whole world dignify you. This is a responsibility that we return to you on the Day of Judgment that you may use to intercede for us and allow us to drink from your hawd while patting us happily. You (SAWS) would then say to us, yes, you made mistakes and committed sins, but dignifying me was so dear to you. Then you would make us drink from your hawd.

This is a trust. My message to the ummah is that we can never betray that trust whatever happens; it is the trust of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) and making the world dignify Allah’s Messenger (SAWS). This is in addition to loving him and living on his sunnah and on his path. This is my message to the Muslim Nation. We will never neglect dignifying our Prophet, our beloved and our role model (SAWS).

Now this is my message to the West:

There exists a cultural vagueness in the West. This vagueness results from the presence of two different concepts. The first is a great Western concept that we respect, appraise, and need. That concept is freedom of speech. This is a great humane and civilized concept. On the other hand, there is the great Islamic concept of dignifying Allah’s Messenger (SAWS). The problem arises due to the lack of understanding of the Islamic Civilization and the Western Civilization regarding these two concepts. The non-Muslims cannot value the rank of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS). On the other hand, due to the below-average quality of practical application of freedom of speech, Muslims have a vague understanding of the concept of respecting freedom of speech.

Accordingly, what is required now? We do not want to refuse the concept of freedom of speech, absolutely not. However, the West should alter the freedom of speech so that it does not collide with the very important Islamic value of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS). Here lies the vagueness and ambiguity. The West understands very well the freedom of speech (which we appreciate) but it does not understand Islamic values, such as dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) and other Islamic sanctities. This is where the Western cultural vagueness lies.

I clearly say to the West, you have a problem. You cannot comprehend how much the Muslims love Prophet Muhammad (SAWS). You are still unable to understand this point. If you had really encompassed its significance, you would never have accepted what happened. The West, in general, governments and people, does not apprehend that Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to us than our parents, dearer to me than my father and dearer than my mother. I am sure that any Muslim woman listening to me now, be her religious or not, will swear on that fact. Just ask, what does Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) mean to you? It is not even necessary to do that because it is so evident, but you may conduct surveys for yourselves, and you will realize how true what I am saying is. Ask any youth, be he heedless or pious; ask any Muslim anywhere, in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Yemen or in Egypt. Ask any Muslim in any village regardless of how religious he is, be he an obedient Muslim or not, a drug user or not, successful in his life or a failure, old or young, ask them, what does Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) mean to you?

O West, I affirm that Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to all Muslims than their own parents. O West, Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to us, Muslims, than our children and grandchildren. O West, Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to us than our money, dearer to us than our own selves. He is dearer to us than our own countries. O Egyptian, who is dearer to you, Egypt or Allah’s Prophet? O Saudi, who is dearer to you, Saudi Arabia or Allah’s Prophet? O Yemeni, O Moroccan, O Algerian, who is dearer to you, your country or Allah’s Messenger (SAWS)? O West, comprehend that meaning, Allah’s Messenger (SAWS) is dearer to Muslims than their children and their own selves.

We can never forget the hadith that I repeatedly mentioned during the episodes of “On the Path of the Beloved”. O West, listen to this hadith[11] as it forms part of the sentimental make-up of the Islamic personality:

“We were with the Prophet and he was holding the hand of Omar Ibnul-Khattab. Omar said to him, ‘O Allah's Messenger! You are dearer to me than everything except my own self.’ The Prophet said, ‘No, by Him in Whose Hand my soul is, (you will not have complete faith) till I am dearer to you than your own self.’ Then Omar said to him, ‘However, now, by Allah, you are dearer to me than my own self.’ The Prophet said, ‘Now, O Omar, (now you are a believer).’”[12]

Being a true believer is conditioned with loving Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) more than our own selves.

O West, this is our notion and this is our love for Prophet Muhammad (SAWS).

I know that the West resists racism as they realize very well what it means. I also know that they stand up against any anti-Semitic assaults as they recognize the serious consequences of such acts. Yet, true contradiction lies in respecting Semitism and resisting racialism on the one hand, while humiliating the most valued figure for Muslims, the Prophet (SAWS), on the other.

Six months ago, a famous journalist of the BBC attacked Arabs describing them as a worthless nation. In spite of being a renowned figure with a daily program in Britain, his slandering was rejected by the British as racist and he was fired from the BBC. At that time, I was preparing a program on family matters, and knowing that he had articles and shows tackling this subject, I wanted to refer to them. To my surprise, none of his works were available due to his intolerant views against Arabs. There is no way to compare the Prophet (SAWS) to the Arabic nation, as slandering them is of a diminutive nature when compared to offending the Prophet (SAWS). My message to the West then is that freedom of speech, which we indeed respect, honor, and actually need, should be modified so that it does not clash with the highly revered Muslim value of dignifying the Prophet (SAWS). The West respects monarchies, Semitism, all races, and different ethnicities, and its respect to the Prophet (SAWS) and to sacred Muslim values should be no less.

Thus, my message to the Muslim ummah is that we should not forsake dignifying the Prophet (SAWS) under any circumstance. On the other hand, my message to the West is that the value of freedom of speech should be adapted to Muslim values.

My third message is to the whole world. This offense does not aim at the Prophet (SAWS) alone, but rather to one billion, two hundred thousand Muslims; or rather to all humanity. To explain this further to everyone, whether Muslim or not, I believe that Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is the greatest personality that existed on earth. There is no doubt that his model of reform was most successful so far and whoever denies this fact is indeed most ungrateful. Slandering him is actually slandering humanity. Great men that existed throughout history were qualified as such due to a certain trait in their characters. Gandhi for example, was a great politician, Shakespeare a great dramatist, Voltaire a great writer, Napoleon a great military leader and so on. They were all great in one aspect or the other, while the Prophet (SAWS) was great in every aspect of his life. He was so great morally that he never hit or humiliated a soul, never beat a woman, never betrayed or lied, never went back on his word or avenged himself. He was always called 'the truthful and honest one' before bearing the message of Islam, and after becoming a prophet, the values and principles of the Qur’an were the model for his behavior. He was also great in his political insight. After the Battle of the Trench, for example, he knew that it was a turning point that would not be followed by a defeat. Moreover, he was great in his submissiveness to Allah as he bowed when praying, saying,

“O Allah, it is for Thee that I bowed. I affirm my faith in Thee and I submit to Thee, and submit humbly before Thee my hearing, my eyesight, my marrow, my bone, my sinew.”[13]

He (SAWS) also used to stand (in prayer) until both his feet swelled. When asked why (he offered such an unbearable prayer) he said,

“Should I not be a thankful slave?” [14]

He was great in the way he believed in freedom of opinion. In the Battle of Badr, he changed the location of the battlefield upon the advice of a soldier. He also agreed to dig the trench around Madinah according to Salman al-Faresy’s suggestion, and changed the fighting plan of the Battle of Uhud to respect the opinion of some of his companions. This is how he respected freedom of speech 1400 years ago!

He was great at forgiving others. On the day of the Conquest of Makkah, his companions were rejoicing saying, “Today is the day of a great battle and today Quraysh will be humiliated by Allah”. Conversely, what the prophet (SAWS) response was that today is the day of mercy in which Allah will bestow honor on Quraysh.

He was great in his voluntary renunciation of worldly luxuries when he could have been the richest man on earth had he wished to be. He was also great in the way he dealt with young people motivating them to exercise. For example, he once passed by some of the young companions of the tribe of Aslam practicing archery and he said to them,

“O offspring of Ishmael! Practice archery as your father was a great archer. I am with (on the side of) the son of so-and-so-.” Hearing that, one of the two teams stopped throwing. The Prophet (SAWS) asked them, “Why are you not throwing?” They replied, “O Allah's Apostle! How shall we throw when you are with the opposite team?” He said, “Throw, for I am with you all.”[15]

His enemies were never able to slander him due to any bad trait. He lived with them for 40 years before the divine message and another 13 years after it, and never were they able to smear him with a single bad trait that marred his character, or doubt his outstanding abilities. They even testified that he had never lied in his life. That is how great he was and that is how humiliating him smears every American, Indian, Pakistani etc.; everyone, whether Muslim or not. It is an insult to all humankind when such a great man is insulted.

He was great in his mercy. When he was persecuted by the people of At-Ta’ef and stoned until his feet kept bleeding, the angel of the mountains asked for his permission to destroy them. Yet his response was to supplicate Allah to guide them and to save them. Furthermore, in the Battle of Uhud, he was injured, overcome by his enemies, had his front teeth broken, and fell into a pit with blood gushing from his wounds. Nevertheless, when his companions asked him to curse them and to invoke Allah to punish them, he declined stressing the fact that he was sent as a mercy to all of humankind. He even invoked Allah to guide them to the right path and to excuse them for their ignorance.

He was merciful even with animals narrating that,

“A man saw a dog eating mud from (the severity of) thirst. So, that man took a shoe (and filled it) with water and kept on pouring the water for the dog till it quenched its thirst. So Allah approved of his deed and made him enter Paradise.”[16]

Similarly, he (SAWS) said,

“A woman was tortured and was put in Hell because of a cat which she had kept locked till it died of hunger.”[17]

This is our Prophet and this is how great he was. Unlike that of other great human figures in history, the Prophet’s greatness is lasing throughout the generations.

He believed in co-existence. He trusted the Jews and gave them all the rights of citizenship in Madinah, guaranteeing that no one would harm them, take any of their money, force them to convert, or intercede with their freedom to worship. He was also great in co-existence when he was against using the Muslims loyal to him in Makkah to create tension among the people of Quraysh, even during the war between Makkah and Madinah. At the time of the Hudaybeya treaty, he could have waged war against Quraysh but resorted to peace instead. He could have turned it into a bloodbath, but he chose peace and forced it on his enemies.

The human race should be proud that Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) existed one day, whether they were Muslims, Hindu, Jews, Christians, believers of any kind, or even non-believers. He is a turning point in the course of humanity. This is Muhammad (SAWS) and this is how humanity was humiliated the day he was. People around the world are demanding an international law that protects the dignity of this great Prophet.

That was my message to Muslims, to the West, and to the whole world.

One final question remains here, which is, what is it that we want? We do not need speeches. It took me some time to deliver this speech, as I believe that speeches alone cannot solve this problem. We do not even want superficial apologies that are not as deep as our wounds. We do need effective actions that denote Western respect for the Prophet (SAWS). We will not stop our protests until our Prophet regains the dignity he duly deserves as our great leader. Thus empty words and shallow apologies are not enough, actions must be taken. Until then, I need everyone to convey this message to their families and friends. I want it to be translated by Dar al-Tarjama to all languages and to be distributed everywhere to reach the West. This speech will be broadcast on Iqraa’ channel soon and I want as many people as possible to watch it. Meanwhile we should do our best to let the people know about our Prophet (SAWS). ‘On the Path of the Beloved’ for example, a program about the Prophet’s life, is being replayed now on Iqraa’ every Tuesday and Friday. Dr Tarek Suweidan, A’aed al-Qarny, Al-Habib Aly al-Jifry and Dr. Al-Buty are all renowned modern Muslims scholars who have speeches and articles about the life of the Prophet. Please do your best to make good use of their works as well as the tapes of ‘On the Path of the Beloved’ to enlighten the whole world about the Prophet (SAWS), until this predicament is unraveled and until Muslim requests are answered with real actions. Thus, what I am asking everyone to do is to distribute this message everywhere and to let everyone know about who the Prophet (SAWS) is. Our duty is double fold, we need to distribute this speech and make it available everywhere, and we need to introduce the Prophet (SAWS) and tell his story to everyone, among Muslims and non-Muslims. This speech is to be continued and I am indeed not done yet with this issue. Thank you. May peace and Allah’s blessing and mercy be upon you all, and let us get to work.

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[1] TWT = Tabaraka Wa Ta`ala [Most Blessed Most High]).

[2] TMQ = Translation of the Meaning of the Qur'an. This translation is for the realized meaning, so far, of the stated (Surah:Ayah) of the Qur'an. Reading the translated meaning of the Qur'an can never replace reading it in Arabic, the language in which it was revealed.

[3] SAWS = Salla Allah alayeh Wa Salam [All Prayers and Blessings of Allah be upon him].

[4] Verse

[5] Chapter

[6] The Prophet’s companions

[7] Islamic law

[8] The Prophet’s divinely guided way of life.

[9] The Prophet’s basin at which the true believers will meet him to drink from his hands on the Day of Judgment

[10] The Muslim nation

[11] The Prophet’s saying or action narrated by one of his companions.

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