they say its friendship day today

to my friends

once we dreamed of a perfect world, only to realize later that there is no utopia
then we dreamed of a bright future, only to find out that future also becomes present one day
today we dream of happiness, may be tomorrow we will discover that that too is an illusion
we have always dreamed of love, and still do. let us know, my dear friends, love is eternal. the flame of love will never falter.

love will keep us alive. love will keep our dreams alive.
love will keep our friendship alive.

long live our friendship
long live our struggle through life
long live our sweet and sour memories
and most importantly
long live our dreams and our love.
love for ourselves. love for our friendship. love for the Creator who gave us this friendship.

i love you all

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Abu Umaima said...

Seems my own thought, really nice.