inconveniences of a marriage of convenience - part I

the ongoing lebanon war has so far claimed 600 plus lives, and the toll is still counting. none one knows where it will end, and how long it will take to reach that end, nor which direction the solution lies. many in the muslim world are seeing this as another battle in the war on terror @ war against islam, and have reiterated their calls for islamic unity.

analysing the build-up so far, my humble opinion begs to differ. to me this is neither a war against islam or muslims per se, nor does solution lie in the so called islamic unity.

in this war, we have the israeli zionist regime, with support and encouragement from the anglo-american alliance against the people of lebanon & palestine and the whole of middle east and world opinion.

before moving on, lets take a look at the so called islamic unity and why, according to me, such a unity is not the solution:

first – the very term islamic unity is quite ambiguous.... does it mean unity of muslim countries, or is it unity of islamic countries. if its the former, then we already have our stooges named oic (oh i see), arab league and world muslim league. however, if its the latter, then sad enough, there are no true islamic countries in the very first place. unless of course one would considers saudi kingdom and pakistani dictatordom in the rank. alternatively it could mean unity of islamic organizations, which i highly suspect will be readily linked to obl and terrorism.

second – such a call for islamic unity gives the hard-line right wingers a stronger voice.
it gives them the chance to play with religious emotions... and the sentiment attached to it, and say -'look i told you, their agenda is islamization of the world.'

third – the ongoing war against war on terror is fought by human right activists around the world who are mostly non-muslims themselves. such call for islamic unity would surely alienate the muslims from them and implant a negative impression about islam and muslims.

[part II, part III]

photo credit - The Guardian


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