36 years of gloomy glory

yesterday, the whole nation of Bangladesh with the 150 million Bangladeshis, celebrated her 36th independence day.
36 years of sovereignty!
36 years of standing headstrong against oppression!!
36 years of sacrificing one's life for the motherland!!!

but what really is independence?
is it just having your own boundary and your own people ruling over you? or is it the nation being ruled for the interest of the people, by people whose interest is to serve the people.
it is only the latter that can bring about true independence.
political, economical, social, cultural independence.
and most importantly independence in thought and sovereignty action.

sadly enough, it is on this 36th years of independence that we are most shackled. shackled by the power-blinded lords of the world, and their despicably shameless local stooges


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and we made it

congratulations Bangladeshi cricketing tigers for your amazing stand in the world cup cricket 2007. we have faith in your talents and ability raise a few more eyebrows in surprise !!!
bravado young tigers .
bravado old tigers ..
bravado supporter tigers ...


as-sajdah - the prostration

ever imagined yourself standing in front of a powerful man (say the president of your country)?

what if it was he who invited you to his court, granting you a personal audience. just you and him??

how would you feel...
awed? spellbound?? wary not to make the slightest mistake???

then just imagine how it is to have the Lord of the universe, the All Powerful, All Encompassing, the Most Merciful invite you to His court, grant YOU personal audience. just you and Him.

just imagine the feeling of awe and captivation one experiences at presenting oneself to the Lord Almighty. a poor wretched unworthy and erring soul being given the permission to praise and sanctify Him the Exalted.
or when one is granted the leave to forward himself with his head, the highest and noblest part of his body, on the ground. lying there in humble submission to His will, and declaring his adherence to His Oneness and His all encompassing majesty. declaring 'Glory be to my Lord, the Most High', while thinking of one's lowliness, incapacity, shortcomings and wrongdoings.

this is exactly what every single Muslim encounters in the sajdah (the prostration), an integral part of the five daily prayers.
with the resulting peace and sakina (loosely translated as 'serenity' or 'peace of mind') it brings to one's life.

note: the ideas of this post is borrowed from "Inner Dimensions of Islamic Worship" by Imam Ghazali (r). read it here (partially available)


my first paper

9th march was the notification date for a paper we had submitted to a conference. it was our first try at any reputatble international conference, and so we were awaiting the news with excitement.
we did hear from them with a day in hand. but unfortunately the result is REJECTION!!!.

well, not that i (and i guess the rest) have much to grudge about. after all, failure is the key to success. and most importantly we learnt something in the process ...

words for the soul

Is it because of your remembrance of the neighbours of Dhi-salam.
That tears mixed with blood are flowing (from your eyes).
Or is it because of the breeze blowing from Kaazimah.
Or it is the lightning struck in the darkness of the night Idam

What has happened to your eyes, (the more) you tell them to stop, the more they continue flowing.
What is the matter with your heart, (the more) you tell it to come to its senses, (the more it is distracted).

Does the lover think that his love can be concealed?
While his eyes are shedding tears and his heart is glowing.
Had it not been for the love, you would not have shed tears at the ruins (of your beloved).
Nor would you become restless at the remembrance of the cypress (tree) the high mountain.

How do you deny love after the testimony.
Borne against you by (such) reliable witnesses as your eyes and your illness.
Love has ingrained two lines of fear, and withered your face.
On your cheeks like yellow rose and the reddish tree.

Yes! Thoughts of the beloved came to me at night and kept me awake.
And love transforms pleasure into pain.
you who reproach me, regarding my love, excuse me.
From me to you if you do justice, you would not reproach me.

My state (of love) has been expressed to you, (now) my secret is no longer concealed.
From those who malign (me), nor is there (something to) check my agony.

You have sincerely advised me , I did not heed it.
For verily a lover is deaf to those who advise him.
I regarded with suspicion the advice of the elders in reproaching me.
(Wisdom) in the advice of the elders is above suspicion.

from the Qasidah Burdah (Poem of the Mantle) by Imam Muhammad bin Hasan Al-Busairi