lets talk democracy

most likely hasina apa and khaleda vabi will be out of the country for some time, if not exiled permanently. with the iron ladies out of stage, the to be formed political party will be virtually opposition-less in the upcoming elections supposedly to be held end of next year.

wasnt BAKSAL something like dat?
its funny how history repeats itself.
only if we learnt its lessons!!!

tigers or cats?

statistically bangladesh has a higher chance of winning against WI today, but BD cricket team's performance is as unpredictable as a woman's mind; so, we the fans, can only keep our fingers crossed.
whatever the turn out is, BD will walk away from this tournament with sweet and sour memories, the sourest of all being the dismal and shabby performance of both the captain and the vice captain. looking at the BD line up, it seems everyone but themselves realized this simple fact.
well, anyway, good luck guys.
tigers or cats? thats to be proved today.


esho he boishak

shuvo nobo borsho 1414
happy Bangla new year 1414

dr. Fakhruddin speaks

The following were the opening words of Fakhruddin Ahmed's, head of current (unconstitutional) caretaker government in Bangladesh, april 12 2007 address to the Nation.

"My dear countrymen,
Assalamu Alaikum
We all dream of building a beautiful Bangladesh; a Bangladesh which would arouse pride among our present and future generations. We want such a Bangladesh which would allow them to hold their head high at home and abroad and live in peace and happiness. We do not want a Bangladesh where they would bow down to injustices and unfairness...."

I wonder what justifies him to think and dream on our behalf?

nice words though! only that i am sure it would be far from harsh reality.


just when i thought i had hit the end

life had been sort of a total mess for the last few weeks or so. personally i have just been through a storm, with way too much of worrying and way too many dilemmas. its true i myself invited some of it, but mind is such a thing, you cant just select wats popping up!
the tons of to dos over this period made things yet more unhandle-able.
add to that bangladesh's on-off superb showing in the ongoing cricket world cup (cricket is the second religion in sub-continent), and the much happening local political scene (of which i am an avid follower), news of which is much much more important and interesting than the matlab simulations or C++ coding.

well, now i am putting an all out effort to get back on track and successfully manage the scores of academic 'to dos' thats have piled higher and deeper over the weeks.

your prayers are much appreciated.