my best friend's wedding

my best friend (okay, one of my few 'bestest' friends) is soon going to become a father, a father to a sweet lille baby girl. bet he is gonna be a proud father, and the daughter too, i am sure, would grow being proud of who he is.
but i am not here today to tell the story of his fatherhood, rather i wil story abt his wedding (isnt that obvious from the title!!!)

i knew about his marriage from his fiance (who was already his wife by then)...

the story goes like this....
some times last year, a couple of my mails to him were left ananswered (which is not at all UNusual), including one where i specifically asked him to answer (now that was unusual)... that got me worried, and i gathered his fiance's email address and contacted her.
to my utter surprise and (happiness too, i must admit), i read "my husband is alright, enjoying his last days here... we were married sometime last month"

...yet we are the bestest of friends...

the point of putting up this big story: its not how often you are in touch that measures friendship, its how deep the feeling is in your heart.....and that can only be felt by the other person... not told, not seen, not smelled.

p.s. i later learned, he DID mail me, it was my stupid email!!! tough luck, coz i wanted to be there at his wedding, by his side as his best man.


the days gone by

one thing i never managed well is time. my time management skills sucked and its getting no better. now and then, i embark on a 'time drive', like the 'cleanliness drives' back home in bangladesh. this time, i was (actually still am) trying something new, maintaining a to do list that would pop up on my face, everytime i the comp started up. novel idea indeed, only that... i realized i wasnt scoring any points at it, other than the to do list growing everyday. in recent mails to friends, i pointed how my worlds shrunk considerably here in aalborg. yet, i am finding myself struggling hard, trying to keep pace with time... gosh!!!

it was akifs fourth birthday on 28th feb, and he had three parties celebrating the big occassion, with the biggest on 4th march, two weekends from now. a pictorial narration at http://ailinimad.smugmug.com/gallery/1277287/1 (courtesy of Ailin vabi, Imad vai and Akif Rahman)

better get back to my struggle with time. take care guys...

p.s. i am learning danish these days, so dont be surprised if future postings are dansk~~~


scattered words


the last time i blogged was almost a month back. and that too was just few lines. (guess i hv got through the point i wanted to make - demonstrating my busi-ness)

all this while, my computer once again decided backlash at me for overusing her for study purposes.. argghhh... but things seem better now, at least for the time being.

spring is due soon, and we all are eagerly awaiting her arrival!!! climate is what you expect, weather is what you get [ref:tanm] and it the difference seems wide apart.

i realised there is a fundamental difference in this phase of my life.
all this while i lead a very active life, always involving myself with many things, and most importantly always being around people. in comparison, life here in aalborg is a total solititude. apart from class mates, house mates and country mates, the number of people i know is very few, and of them those i meet is much much fewer. (probably 1 or 2 a week on average).
[my friends surely would have a tough time trying to swallow that fact]

and yet, i am always running short on time.