i realize...

its finally over. alhmadulillah. now i can append msc.ee to my name :)

someone once said - 'there is nothing called genius. its 99% hard work and 1% luck'. couldnt agree more. realized it the hard way.

just pray i do not forget to make use of the lesson learned.


series 1.1 - success story

in bangla, we have a saying 'gari, nari, bari' (literally car, woman, home) to roughly denote the so called criteria of success. are these all that there is to success? or does success have other scales and units? other meanings?

fame and power are usually counted among the scales of success as well. and thats why people who has it all yet goes for powerful positions or at least ceremonial post of honour.

man is mortal. yet we go at great length to make sure our legacy lives on. thats human nature. the best way someone lives on is through his/her progeny, the offspring. thats why we take pride in the achievements of our little ones, and are hurt at their stumbling.

like living beyond life, being respected is another of mans greatest yearnings. but unlike the former - over which one has little control, someone can earn well respect through his/her personality and positive actions.

so i would put these two, progeny and respect, as two other measures of personal success. and probably the two that matters most. after all, one may be rich and powerful, but whats the point if he/she is scorned at and despised behind the back; or has none to survive him/her.

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bash out, ash in

so finally its over!!

the agony of watching bashar's uncreative and way too defensive captaincy has rightfully come to an end. ashraful is the new man on the job. not that i really look up to his once in a blue moon performance, but lets at least hope this young blood ushers in some positive dynamism.

his idol captains are flemming and ponting, for their aggressiveness! time will tell how well he can translate this admiration into action.

till then, i will wait with fingers crossed.