Fair media in a free land

The hottest media sensation in Bangladesh last week was the joint interrogation of Maulana Saidur Rahman, Amir of the terrorist organization, JMB and the top three leaders of Bangladesh Jamaate Islami. Every day the newspapers carried sensational and detailed reports of what went in the interrogation cell.

One report mentioned that the three top Jamaat leaders (Maulana Nizami, Maulana Sayedee and Mr. Mujahid) were lying down on a green blanket when Saidur was produced before them in the DB office. Surprised and startled at meeting an old acquaintance and ex Jamaat leader, all three of them jumped out of the blanket. In another report, it was said when Saidur was brought face to face with Nizami and Mujahid, Saidur greeted them with Assalamu alaikum. Only Nizami responded to Saidur’s salam whereas Mujahid put on a stone face and kept silent. Yet another report portrayed the scene of Mr. Mujahid meeting Maulana Saidur. According to the report, at first Mr. Mujahid claimed that he didn’t know Maulana Saidur. But upon reminding him of their meeting in 1990 at jamaat office where Mr. Mujahid was boasting about his participation in the Intellectual killing in 1971 while peeling an orange, Mr. Mujahid kept numb and faced the floor in shame.

All these reports are so vivid and detailed that it seems all these interrogations take place in the presence of reporters.

However, a little scrutiny and reading of other related reports make it clear how false and fabricated these reports are. Here are just a few examples.
It was reported both in print and electronic media that due to lack of facilities and space at the DB office in Mintu road, Maulana Nizami, Maulana Sayedee and Mr Mujahid could not be accommodated in DB office at the same time. First only Maulana Sayedee and Mr Mujahid were held there. Later when Maulana Nizami was transferred from central jail to DB office, Maulana Sayedee had to be shifted to Ramna thana. This was confirmed by the OC of Ramna thana in the electronic media. How could it then happen that all three of them were lying down on a green blanket when Maulana Saidur was brought in their presence??
Most importantly, the Deputy Commissioner of DB police said in a TV interview, that Maulana Saidur and the three top leaders of Jamaat are arrested under different cases, with their investigating officers being different and also in most cases even the thana being different. Thus there is no question of bringing them face to face.

Yet these are the media outlets which claim they are “angshik noi, puro shott” (the complete truth), ”niteer proshne aposh-heen” (firm on principle) or "committed to the people's right to know".