i saved 2 kroner

in a country where you pay very handsomely for everything (the everything is meant literally), i saved 2 kroners. wow!!! TWO good old korners....

my bike (which i got for free from zubayer vai) had a leak and the back tire tube needed to be changed. bikes here have gears within the backtire at the centre, so i didnt dare open it. the only option left was to take it to the bicycle shop and that means cutting a hole in the pocket.

mentally i was prepared to pay 150 kroner for it (1 kroner = 10.50 taka), but had to pay onlly 148 kr. 2 kroner less than expectation.... the tube costs 48 kroners and the workmanship is 100 kroners (for only 20 mins)

i just hope no rickshawala or cykeler garage wala come to know of this and start making demands for equal rights....

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