the days gone by

one thing i never managed well is time. my time management skills sucked and its getting no better. now and then, i embark on a 'time drive', like the 'cleanliness drives' back home in bangladesh. this time, i was (actually still am) trying something new, maintaining a to do list that would pop up on my face, everytime i the comp started up. novel idea indeed, only that... i realized i wasnt scoring any points at it, other than the to do list growing everyday. in recent mails to friends, i pointed how my worlds shrunk considerably here in aalborg. yet, i am finding myself struggling hard, trying to keep pace with time... gosh!!!

it was akifs fourth birthday on 28th feb, and he had three parties celebrating the big occassion, with the biggest on 4th march, two weekends from now. a pictorial narration at http://ailinimad.smugmug.com/gallery/1277287/1 (courtesy of Ailin vabi, Imad vai and Akif Rahman)

better get back to my struggle with time. take care guys...

p.s. i am learning danish these days, so dont be surprised if future postings are dansk~~~

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muna said...

There is a book in Bangla, 'Career gothon o dokkhota unnoyon'. One sis told me she overcame her probs of time management reading this book. Guess wat, Salman Bhais bro-in-law wrote this book-a very good one indeed. (i am reading it now-but in halfway, and i found it MashaAllah, really praiseworthy). Maybe u can ask him about it. He may have a good idea about where u can get this book... or u can contact the writer who can give u sum good tips.