inconveniences of a marriage of convenience - part II

[part I]

to better appreciate the recent happenings, it is important for us to understand the background of this war:

israel's going to bed with the anglo american alliance is a marriage of convenience. zionist israel wants to be the super power in middle east, with full control over the so called 'holy land'; while the imperial america dreams of world dominion, for which full oil control is the first precondition. tony blair is nothing but the stooge here... and likely to be 'discarded away' like a toilet paper after use.
but of course, israel is the husband here, and wouldn't at all mind meeting his needs at the expense of the wife's interest.

another interesting fact is the neo-con right wingers, who support israel from a religious point of view. according to the bible, the 'holy land' has to belong to the jews for jesus to return, and so by helping the israelis, they are merely facilitating jesus' return (at the expense of hundreds of innocent children's life)

[part III]

photo credits : israel national news

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