rusted raster

after a two month long absence from the labyrinth of blogging, this is yet another comeback for me. i am nt sure how justified am i in using the term comeback, for i had never intended to leave in the first place. it was merely circumstance that kept me away. that was a change from the somewhat 'heavy duty' blogging in last summer, a change that i hope is for the better.

its for others to judge, but i feel i hv trasformed much in this short span of two months. these days, i am at school 9-9 (more or less) most of the time. now thats a mammoth change for someone like me (who had no relation with books until two weeks prior to exams). (p.s. NO! i hv nt fallen in love! [in case you are wondering]).

so here am i, welcoming myself back to the blogging duniya. in the meantime here are some youtubies i had been obsessed with recently. take a peek, if u care.

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