36 years of gloomy glory

yesterday, the whole nation of Bangladesh with the 150 million Bangladeshis, celebrated her 36th independence day.
36 years of sovereignty!
36 years of standing headstrong against oppression!!
36 years of sacrificing one's life for the motherland!!!

but what really is independence?
is it just having your own boundary and your own people ruling over you? or is it the nation being ruled for the interest of the people, by people whose interest is to serve the people.
it is only the latter that can bring about true independence.
political, economical, social, cultural independence.
and most importantly independence in thought and sovereignty action.

sadly enough, it is on this 36th years of independence that we are most shackled. shackled by the power-blinded lords of the world, and their despicably shameless local stooges


[photo credit: http://inabangladesh.blogspot.com/]

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