lets talk democracy

most likely hasina apa and khaleda vabi will be out of the country for some time, if not exiled permanently. with the iron ladies out of stage, the to be formed political party will be virtually opposition-less in the upcoming elections supposedly to be held end of next year.

wasnt BAKSAL something like dat?
its funny how history repeats itself.
only if we learnt its lessons!!!

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saif said...

Hi bhaia,
kemon achen?
amar sem. final kalke sesh holo.

Apni ki miss korchen ?something?
desher ei transition period ta dekchen na own eye te.

Jai hok,amra kichuta boichitrer shad pachi.Kichuta ashar alo sobar majhe.

ar armi ra jokhon kono revolt na kore khomota peyeche,ta tara kokhono sohoje charbe na.Eita bujha zache.