EID MUBARAK, عيد مبرك ، ঈদ মোবারক

Eid is a day of thankfulness - thanking Allah for enabling us to complete the fast of Ramadan
Eid is a day of joy and happiness - an peek into the happiness of receiving the ultimate reward, in Hereafter
Eid is a day of gratitude - gratitude for all the goodness and blessings Allah has bestowed upon us. in deen and in life
Eid is a day of remembrance - remembering the dear and near ones who have left us. remembering that we too will have to follow suit one day

Eid is a day of joy, and laughter. day of celebration - celebration of life and Love.
Love for family, Love for friends, Love for those around us, Love for humanity. and above all, love for God Almighty - the lover of all lovers, the source of all love.

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