Transcript of Hillary Clintons tele-conversation with Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina:

Prime Minister Hasina (PM): Good Morning, Madame Secretary. I am very pleased to hear your voice.

Secretary Clinton: Good afternoon Madame Prime Minister. I hope I reached you at a good time.

PM: Yes, yes, you reached me at a good time. For you, any time is good time for me. Please feel free to call me anytime.

Secretary: Madame Prime Minister I have been updated by Ambassador-at-Large Stephen Rapp about his visit to Dhaka. Honestly, at the request of New Delhi, we sent him there and tried our best to help you better organize the trial. After listening from Amb. Rapp and our Ambassador Moriarty, I felt obligated to inform you that both I and President Obama take the issue of human rights in its proper spirit. It is on this context, I called you to inform you that United States does not support the trial in its form and content. Bangladesh has to reform the whole process in a way so that it doesn’t become a conduit of punishing opposition.

PM: Madame Secretary, I understand your concern and I already asked my Law Minister to take note of what Amb. Rapp suggested. This is a trial we undertook with active support and assistance of New Delhi. I am sure Indian Ambassador in Washington DC will brief you further on that.

Secretary: Prime Minister, United States stands for a certain values and policies which may or may not be the likes of New Delhi. Of course, we have been attentive to New Delhi’s most of the suggestions but this one I thought I should forewarn you.

PM: Madame Secretary we noted your concerns and can tell you this much that this was in our manifesto and our people would like to see the trial should go on.

Secretary: Absolutely, but that has to done in an way so that it is accepted internationally. I am sure, even people who voted for your party, may not accept the trial in its form and format which is, to our view, flawed and politically motivated. President Obama working hard to bring peace to your part of the world, Madame Prime Minister. Therefore, United States would not allow any action that may only help some legitimate political forces going underground to create more problem for you and thereby, for us as well.

PM: I understand. I understand. Don’t worry we will fix it. Don’t take it that seriously. We are doing it as we have to do and there are some culprits who we need to straighten up.

Secretary: Ambassador Rapp also informed me about your government’s influence on the Judiciary and I was told how Judiciary is giving verdict they way you want. This is not good at the end. You have to be watchful.

PM: Thank you, thank you. I always value suggestion from yourself and President Clinton.

Secretary: Madame Prime Minister, let me come to the core point for which I called you. As you have seen even Washington Post picked up your treatment to Dr.Yunus and Grameen Bank. I thought it is about time to tell you how upset we are in Washington DC. I am personally upset because Dr.Yunus has been a family friend to the Clintons long before his wining of Nobel Prize. President Clinton is equally upset. Hope you are aware how hard he worked to see Dr.Yunus gets this award. I know people may have personal issues, but when it comes to national icon like Dr.Yunus, I thought Bangladesh shouldn’t demonize country’s only Nobel Laureate.

PM: Madame Secretary, please listen, please listen----

Secretary: Madame Prime Minister, please let me finish first. I hope you are aware that President Obama is a big fan of micro-credit. He is a fan of microfinance since his mother had her thesis on this subject. So, I am making this call to let you know how upset both of us-President Obama and I-at your continued effort to demonize Dr.Yunus.

PM: Madame Secretary, I hope you are aware that it is not us who brought this issue. Norway is the first to complain about Dr.Yunus’s misplaced fund. After all, this is our domestic issue and Madame Secretary we will do it as per our own rules and regulations.

Secretary: Madame Prime Minister, I thought I would not have to go that far. But, unfortunately, I was wrong. I hope you know as much we know, how your government came to power. Don’t forget that we helped you congratulating you after the election terming it as a free and fair. You know Prime Minister, how this election result was pre-arranged at the behest of our good friends in New Delhi. We acted the way they suggested us. And please don’t forget that Gen. Moyeen, who brought you to power, now in the USA and perhaps, we now know, more than you could possibly imagine. Prime Minister, I am not saying that we will disown you so soon. I am just trying to place issues in the order of history demands it.

PM: Madame Secretary we are aware of your support and assistance. We will do all we can to keep you happy. Don’t worry. We noted your point. Now let me know when you are coming to visit my country.

Secretary: Thanks for the invitations, Madame Prime Minister. I thank you for your time.

PM: Madame Secretary, Please bring President Clinton and your daughter and son in law.

Hilary hangs up on the other side----

[Note: Could anyone in the USA makes a request under the freedom of information act to State Department and proof the source wrong.]

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Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton – Sheikh Hasina Tele –Conversation by Qamrul Islam
– A Cunning Bluff to the Nation: Trickier than Wikileaks

On 16 January 2011 at 10:43 pm, Mr. Qamrul Islam tried to fool the nation by his fictitious, self made and well articulated tele- conversation between US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Prime Minister of Bangladesh Sheikh Hasina. No doubt the writer is a super genius in articulating a thought provocating fictitious message as well as exploiting the mastery of Information Technology. He wants to prove himself Hacker Master and superior than Wikileaks by producing his self motivated dialogue of his dream. But, he should not forget that information technology also made general mass intelligent and educated enough to differentiate between true and false messages.

After sensitive release of various US diplomatic notes and mails through Wikileaks, the US government has become very reserved and maintains highest degree of confidentiality about activities specially of its diplomatic moves. There is no reason to believe that the US State Department is so unprofessional that they will circulate so openly the tele-conversation of their boss highlighting the point of interest of a third country. In fact, the writer wanted to divert the public attention from the Bangladesh government’s promise to the nation to try the war criminals and crimes against humanity. Generally, people of Bangladesh showed their enthusiasm by providing evidences of the war criminals voluntarily to the Tribunal’s Investigating Committee. The people of Bangladesh also appreciate the efforts of the concerned authorities for conducting the trial maintaining international standards.

The people of Bangladesh respect Dr, Yunus as the lonely Nobel laureate of the nation. His brainchild Grameen Bank has created job opportunity to a sizeable number of people of Bangladesh. But, Grameen Bank has also a number of drawbacks and limitations. His organization lacks in transparency and democratic culture for co-workers. The organization needs to be restructured and comply with government rules and regulations. Let there be a constructive criticism and rectify the drawbacks of Grameen Bank and put the energy to prosper the nation. However, an evil intention to put negative pressure on the Bangladesh government to impede the ongoing development in Bangladesh has been perceived by the general mass and it must be stopped immediately.

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

Well, Mr. Anonymous (any last names? Chowdhury? Kabir? Rafique? Islam), the drawbacks of Grameen Bank are noted here, but surprisingly also noted here is a point that GB must follow gov. rules! my my! Isn't he the believing kind. Well, its the 2nd of August, 2012, today, and the news show that the ability to pick an MD has been judged by the gov. to be the sole wish of the Chairman who is a gov. man and not the board as it used to be! Meanwhile, there isn't many gov. public service office that isn't riddled with bribe taking scums and part-human-part-zombie officers.