Hijrah 1433: Lessons from Hijra Nabawiyyah

The migration of the Prophet illustrates the principle that no matter how something is desired by us, we should never hesitate to sacrifice it for the sake of our faith or ideal. Worldly material and things of value can never and should never take the place of our faith; nor can the faith be exchanged away for the entire world.

Makkah was the birthplace of the Prophet (saws) and his companions. It was also the city of Holy kaaba. Yet, nothing stood in the way of bidding farewell to their hearts and homes, families and kinsmen just for the the freedom of conscience and liberty to practice Islam.

Finally, Hijrah is not only a physical migration, but more importantly it is a spiritual migration. To attain true Hijrah, we have to work on our Faith, our knowledge and our actions, so that we are able to worship Allah and pull away from Haram; make our Faith strong, and face the trials and tests of staying on the straight path; and migrate away from what Allah has forbidden to worshipping as Allah has ordered.

Let us pray that we can all be a true immigrant, and migrate away from leading a life of desire and vanities to a life of humbleness and thankfulness. Allahumma Ameen.

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