happy man

i (and my group members) were two weeks late in arriving. so we had to get rolling from day1 itself, coz late or no late, we all had to submit P0 report by 5th oct.
but it didnt end there... after the report, we had to a seminar on it this friday

so finally with that over, i would be running out of excuses (to myself) for not being in touch with ALL the ppl that i need to be in touch with. and that leaves me no option but to declare tomorrow as mail day.

oh by the way...i almost forgot. i stumbled across my friend's wife's fotopage on the internet and boy!!! it was filled with her (of course his too) wedding pics. look at the WIDE smile on the face of this young happy man

dilli ka laddu, kaile-o postba, na kaile-o postaba...

well, i think better go to bed now. hv to wake up in a few hours time.. to eat sehri, the predawn meal for fasting

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