good start to a BAD weekend

well well well...
i hav some set of personal sayings and one of the favorites on the list is 'plans are plans, its never meant to work...'

we had a long weekend with two following days off for autumn holidays. as usual, that meant a long list of to do's and a tediously worked out plan with the promise to catch up on the studies that i have fallen far behind in.

with full vigor and excitement, i embrace saturday morning... and to start it well, the dawn nap was skipped for the day.
then i spend the whole morning with the top most priority of the to do list, and that was to create a to do list and a planner for this semester (background info: (i) the to do list was there somewhere at the back of my ever forgetful mind, just had to put it to form through the keyboard... (ii) its a one and a half month into the semester and for the first time, i hav had time to work on the semester planner... [but... better late than never!!!])

with that done, i was about to embark on the implementation phase of these MARVELOUS plans... but all of a sudden, everything turned sour. my laptop just started restarting itself and i couldnt switch it on later... there were all this weird messages with a weird blue screen with loads of useless suggestion... at that moment, i was cursing myself for not installing LINUX, which i had planned to some long time back... ("real men uses LINUX..." thats an excerpt from one of my text books)......

the rest of the weekend was well spend trying to fix the thing and ended up reinstalling XP. and that means all the software i had installed are gone now and i am actually still in the process of reinstalling ALL of them... (thats a easy job, the difficult part is collecting all the softwares from different ppl..)

[I think i am joining the LINUX USER GROUP soon... (but given my usual "quick" implementation of my plans.... i wonder how 'soon' is this soon) ]

and with so much work done in two long days... i treated myself to a well deserved rest for the next two days.... voila... and this morning, i woke up with the usual dilemma.. to go or not to go (to the lecture at wee hours of the morning)...

godmorgen verden (good morning world [danish])


Anonymous said...

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eccentric_human said...

salam. godmorgen bodda (in another part of the verden)(did i get it correct?-godmorgen= good morning, verden=world) *chuckle* ain't i smart?!hihi)
seems like u don't have any reader to comment except those anon comments-laughing at this one-"taking care of a blog is like taking care of a dog!" :)) lolzz..

Phew! that must have been a baaad weekend..
Keep up with ur plans, and all the best with 'activating' them.InshaAllah once u will manage to do it!(he he, no wonder y i have this prob! agor hal jikka, fisor hal ikka!!lolzzz)

eccentric_human said...

Update bodda, update..

Eid Mubarak.

bodda said...

thanks for being the only (lets nt hop so) reader of my blog... and i see that you are a devout reader
ok i wl try to maintain it wel from nw... and also will be doing some advertisement... nijer dol nije vajano...

eid mubarak