at times, i feel the urgency to 'own' a well maintained and well read blog. but other times, i dont even get the push to publish something i long wanted to.

recently i had been thinking, why do i and why should i blog? to share my stories or opinion... have a say on the web... or maybe just follow the trend...

finally, i came up with 'blogging decorum' if thats what we can call it...
- this blog (bodda) will be used to share information with people i know. just to keep them updated about wats happening with me in this part of the world. its really tiring and time consuming writing the same story to so many people.
- there are times i would like to express my opinion on whatever it may be and for this, i have decided to start a new blog. just to keep things seperate. in fact, this other blog already had its first posting a few days back.

one thing for sure... blogging is time consuming and addictive. something like computer gaming or so, i would say. and i do not want to get entangled in it, for i never did i learn to utilise time wisely.

so now you know where to look for what!!!

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