i thought i was smart

its very common for me to not remember any of my siblings' (and good friends too) birthdays, though i do know the dates. well, i thought i did, until...

both my younger sis and bro has their birthdays in april. this year around, i wanted to be a responsible big bro by surprising them with greeting cards. (cant even recall when was the last time i wished them on their birthdays!!!) i figured out it was the sis first followed by the bro later in the month, and accordingly, i send her a greeting with 'lots of best wishes'.

few days back, when the package finally reached home, i was turned into a big laughing stock.... well, it was the other way round... i wished her on my lille bro's birthday!!!

my brother studies somewhere else, so at least i had the chance to send him a birthday wish thru sms. (thanks to us engineers.... lst minute get away)

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Anonymous said...

salam, thnx bro, at least to remember the occasion, s i knw hw bz u r!n btw, even on the rite day, u were the frst one to wish me, being the one most far away!!
jazaak Allah - with a better memory next time..:p...lolzz.. n we bettr start lookin 4 a gal with sharp memory so that she cn keep reminding u on each occasion -n that we dont get deprived from getting gifts..:D hehe..
n i JUST got my greatest BDAY gift-lil jinu moni (our neice) just wet my lap with something that is hot...llolzz.. u miss it bro...n tht means i gtg..
Allah hafiz and keep in tuch.
ur sis.