self realization

this month was unexpectedly very eventful and significant for me, and at least i feel i have grown much in this one month, especially the last two weekends.

notable was the sweden trip followed by the aiesec conference the following weekend. this two trips and event around them have deeply changed my perspective towards myself. one thing for sure, i realised how foolishly i was taking pride in being in control of myself and being a motivated and self conscious youth. a wise man once said, 'he who realized his lack of knowing, has taken the first step towards knowledge*'. my humble prayers to the Almighty to open my hearts to knowledge and to enable me to focus on the final destiny and not the journey towards it.

however, i have done very little for my project and probably my team mates are getting ready to kick my ass. i feel so guilty and at the same time, sort of lost for not being able to get back on track. damn... (mission MAY)

* text is mine (cant recall the exact text)

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