i hate you eyassi

[as stated earlier, deadlines are catching up on me. being the mr. jit (just in time) i am, one can guess my desperateness. and yet]

one fine morning, i was writing my report with full concentration. then, along came eyassi on her msn, and .......................

ended up writing this poem for her and loosing account of two precious hours.

ami boshe achee eka eka

ami boshe achee eka eka
shomoier peyala hate.
janina e ki protickhkha tumar jonno
naki amar jhorpakano onuvutir lagamhinota

tobuo ami boshe achee eka eka
nanabid onuvutite jorjorito
hoito ba ek klanto potiker moto
periye asha poter hishabe besto.
otoba ek uddomi toruner moto
agamir pane japiye porte uddoto.

ekdin boshe chilam ami eka eka



alone do i sit,
time by my side.
is it in your waiting,
or just my confused carefree feelings?

yet alone do i sit
afflicted with thoughts
maybe an exhausted wayfarer
contemplating on the path traversed.
or an energetic youth
ready to embrace tomorrow.

alone did i sit once.


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