whats up?

its been a while i had updated on me and myself at aalborg.
not that it really matters, but still...

1. the best thing about life in aalborg these days is the weather. i can go out in plain t-shirts and slippers... something unimaginable during those cold, dark winter days, when i had to spend ten minutes dressing up, and another ten dressing off.

2. 'shurjo mama jagar agey utbo ami jegey' (i will wake before the sun rises). thats an option i have long ruled out. with the skies bright at 4 in the morning or 10 in the evening, i'd rather not compete with shurjo mama.

3. i shouldnt even be writing this. our project deadline is in a couple of weeks and we have a 100 page (almost) report to complete; blogging is the last thing i should think of. giving way to my conscience, i am cutting away right here.

p.s. dont worry, if i am out of touch. its the report keeping me busy.

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