series 1.2 - success vs happiness

[two weeks just passed like that since the previous post. time DOES fly]

how does success interact with happiness? are they contradictory or supplementary? can one be happy and successful at the same time?

well, i see it this way. happiness doesn't necessary mean success, for one can be happy without being successful, in the sense we usually know. but it surely is a criteria of success. could we say one is successful when he has all other than happiness?

then again, these are two different criteria. happiness, on one hand, is generally accepted as a state of contentment and ease of mind, whereas success is a very relative term and depends on the individual and how she/he gives importance to different aspects of life, and to what extent.

thats bring us back to the question of success and its measure. is there any universal measure of success? something bigger than life to measure success by? a criteria that takes into consideration all that we take at face value - our wealth, status and others; as well those that are hidden behind our carefully orchestrated outlook - our happiness, sorrows, pleasures and the likes.

is there?

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Weatherman said...

At the end of the day your success should be measured by yourself. And at that point, it doesn't really matter where u r on the universal scale. If even then you are looking for confirmation of 'success' from others...well then I guess that'd be a topic better discussed by someone else. :)

Success can be in taking care of your family, raising your children well. It can be in trying to find the answers you seek, the way you seek. Or may be its sufficient to humbly accept that our individual 'success' is inconsequential, as is our identity. What matters that we were here and did the best we can.

Its almost 7 in the morning and I'm terribly hungry and tired and drunk. I hope I did't write anything unappropriate.