and life goes on

no posts in a lloonngg while. over five months to be exact. reflection of how my life had been over these times: these busy times, these lazy times.

moved back to bangladesh in july, and been trying to settle back into the old life since then. spent a few months with parents in chittagong, where i realized how many years separation had unknowingly crept in between myself and them.

aint sure whether i re-joined my old workplace, or they took me back in; but thats why i am here struggling to settle in this un settling dhaka.

we hv an interim government ruling the country. but it seems the whole country is going through an interim period. everyone is living on with their lives, yet everyone seems to be in a transition; waiting for something to happen.

well, life itself is all about living in transition, isnt it? i remember someone genuinely defined life as the 'transition stage between birth and death'.


Weatherman said...

So you are back. Great!

Its true it seems everybody seems to be waiting for something to happen. Think you can say that about the whole world. This is a transition all right. And the events that will take place now will surely decide our fate for the next 50 years..at least.

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Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

hmmm. good line of thought. I'd agree with you.