today its Gaza. where will it be tommorrow?

today Gaza is being attacked and sane people all over the world are showing their frustration and sympathizing with them. But there is a veiled sense of security, and in the back of our mind we continue to think that this is a conflict too far away from to be much concerned about.

but is that really so... With the recent mumbai attacks be sure that war on terror is much closer to home (in Bangladesh). And every conscious individual knows that this war on terror is just another name of the all out efforts by select few at world domination and subsequent economic, political, cultural, and most importantly mental subjugation of most people.

The one and only way of avoiding such a miserable life is to wake up from our slumber and question ourselves: who are we? where do we come from? and where are we heading to?

today's Gaza can be far from home, but be sure that Gaza of tomorrow will be much closer to home than we can imagine. May GOD be with us.

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