what on earth is on with these people?

i wonder how much benefit is there in reading news from bangladesh. but stil i do, at least every now and then. after all, home is home...

just came across this (see image). clash over who will lead the prayer. its simply beyond me how people can argue, let alone fight with fists, in a masjid, and still call themselves devout muslims. masjids are supposed to be houses of GOD Almighty, a place of worship and spiritual strengthening. a place for one to escape the hues of cries and endless selfishness of this mortal world.

everybody has their way of seeing things. so why does it matter what viewpoint prof salahuddin (the newly appointed national khatib) holds, as long as it doesn't unequivocally contradict the fundamental message of islam? if you cant bear him, pray elsewhere. i remember learning dhaka is the city of mosques.

the very same people who outburst with rage over the carnage against humanity in gaza, are the ones violating the sanctity of the house of God - a crime against God Himself. its a funny world, isnt it?

how i dearly wish we all had a little respect for others, a little more toleration for different views, and a lot more introspection for the stances we take.

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Tiny said...

its so insane that nothing comes form my head but anger when i think about it.How it could be happened??
and moreover the government should understand the symbolic meaning of sanctity in our main mosque..
its hurting Image of Bangladesh..