first eid in oblivion

Eid mubarak everyone... (though i am sure the scope of this everyone is very limited as i hardly hv any readership on my blog).
Today was the first of syawal 1426 Hijri in this little town of aalborg as in most other parts of the world, and for Muslims this is one of the grandest of the year, Eid al Fitr.
Being the first ever of my eid in a country where Eid is pretty much unknown, i was quite skeptical about what to expect. Good thing though that I knew i wouldnt hv to run for lectures after the eid prayers. but it indeed turned out to be great... even better than some of the Eids I hav had in Malaysia, a country where Aidil Fitri is thebiggest festival.

Back home, Eid is closely related to food (and subsequently stomach problems)... this is exactly what this day was for me. food, food and food; Beginning with the little breakfast of cookies and halwa at the mosque right after the solat fajr till returning home after a full and heavy dinner at 10 in the evening. Students who have been here for a year, our mid-level seniors, decided to throw a eid party after eid prayers. it was supposed to be some sweet dishes followed by LIGHT lunch. So, immediately after eid prayers, we headed for the party venue. we had an hour for the party bells to ring, so to pass time yusuf decided to treat us with our 'introduction to the food session' episode with some chocolate cakes (danishes favourite cake) and some drinks. the eating spree that started with this cakes at 10 am, was finally drawn to a close with my favourite tea at 3 pm. By the way, the menu of the LIGHT lunch was beef, tnadoori chicken, doi bora, beef chop, vegetables, salad. did i forget the biriyani!!! so much for the light lunch.
However I was volunteered (the consent was taken afterwards...) to be the dishwasher for the event. hmmm my fame as a dishwasher is spreading now, and from the BD region, it has expanded to sub-continent region. not bad!!!
Lunch was organised at the local mosque too... and after asr prayers, i had to escape my way out, fearing I may hv to once again join in for some 'light' lunch.
after all the heavy food, i had to get down to work... my designated job, the dishwashing.... nothing comes for free!!! kabikha (kajer binimoye khaddo)

well, if you are thinking i wasnt at Imad vais place today, you are wrong. How could there be a occassion without something on at Imad vais place. there was still some place left in the corner of my not so little stomach, and the dishwashing ordeal widened that. enough room for a handsome dinner with some special food of ailin vabi, who loves to cook.

At the end of the day, when i sat down to write this piece, I was judging today with the eids back in Malaysia, and this indeed was as good or even better I would say, than those. thanks to all for the great day.... may this joy spread out to all of us, our family and everyone around us.


the whole album of that days pictures can be seen here (courtesy of ailin vabi)


Akif in Aalborg said...

I think you owe me some kroners for copyright issues.

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

Grrrrrrrrr..... bashtaaaard... i weeeeel keeeel yoooooooooooo... eto khay manushey??? si si si.

stick to biscuits bread and bananas. ;)

bodda said...

tanm, this is imad vais response to ur comment..."angur fol tok"

i wonder wat would comments be after reading my new post :-)

maybe the definition of biscuits, bread and banana is different for some ppl!!!