chronicles of christmas holidays

written on 28 dec '05. posted: 03 jan '06

tanim, a good old friend, and some of his frends from goteborg, sweden came over to spend the christmas break with us. masud, another old friend joined in from helsinki, finland.

so the next couple of days, it was just food food and food...
in the five days here is just few of the things we devoured...
beef bhuna
bhuna kichuri
chingri bhaji
asto ilish bhaja
and special mutton haleem... (mama haleemer cheye hajar gune valo)
[these are just names of some bangladeshi 'finger licking' dishes]

we did little bit of sight seeing (and siteseeing for some) and indoor games during those short gaps when we werent either eating or sleeping!!!

a walk in gistrup forest (a nearby village)
visit to viking graveyard (visits to history page is always entertaining, but at zero C and strong winds.... i would have rather preferred the warm bed with a cup of steaming tea. and better yet, some muri vaja and gorom pianzu)
and some indoor games...

this is all what we had time for...

pictorial update will be soon (yes, its my soon... the undefined soon)

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