the storm that was

I was at Imad vais place for dinner on thursday (nuthing new), and as usual it was almost midnite by the time we were done with our post dinner tea-adda.
i peered outside only to find out there was a snow storm. The very thought of having to cycle back home in this rough conditions gave me shivers, but i was left with no other options. my only respite was that its only 2 km.
after gaining much courage, i ventured into the storm, expecting myself to be the only living creature out there. a man walking his dogs and another health freak jogging proved me wrong. i wonder if there were in their right senses???
well, i did manage to reach home safe and sound, albeit cold and wet, appreciating the old saying "Home sweet home".
but that was only the introduction to snow storm. the full course was next morning, braving the even stronger storm for three hours at the wee hours of morning!!!

when will the winter pass. thats the only thought in my mind now.... (i no longer have any regrets for missing the first snowfall)

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