Mission copenhagen

boarding the bus for copenhagen last sunday (22.01), some sort of nostalgia took over me. i realized its the first time i am going out of this little town of aalborg, in my over four months here. expecting to enjoy the scerene view outside, i seated myself next to the window. but sleep and nightfall (at 4 pm) marred it all. yet whatever little i managed to see, it was snow, snow and snow. nuthing like 'shujola, shufola, shoshsho shemola shonar bangla'. the countryside of sonar bangla, especially when traveling by train is simple superb. everytime i am travelling through 'gram bangla', the beauty simply beholds me.

three days in copenhagen was some good time spent. met some old friends and made some new. being the capital of denmark, i was expecting it to be somewhat busier, like other cosmopolitan cities, with self centred people rushing against time going about in their daily chores. it wasnt so. people were a bit more relaxed, and didnt have that rush rush rush looks in their eyes. probably its the cold. probably its the scandic view towards life. (scandinavian ppl have embraced modernity, but not urbanism).

january is usually the peak of winter. that meant, many of the attractions, especially those to do with nature, were closed. same with the beach; too cold to enjoy the breeze, let alone a dip in the sea. yet we did manage to go around the city here and there, and get a feeling life in copenhagen. its a city of arts and museums. there was even post and tele museum, probably so that square faced engineers like us feel at home.

you can see it with ur eyes (courtesy of tanim).

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