buddhijibee hotta: intellectual cleansing

in my opinion, our biggest loss as a nation during the liberation war is the brutal mass-murdering of 114 intellectuals on 14th of december, 1971. whoever did it made sure, the country is left without the head it will need to stand on its feet after independence. and i must say, till date we have not been able to make up for the lost intelligentsia.

iraq's visiting 'guests' (the bloody occupiers) are doing exactly the same, as observed in a recently published article. 'just kill their intellectuals, and the country will have no people to lead them'. good technique guys - it worked for Bangladesh!!!


Kobi said...

well, killing of intellectuals continued in Iraq a way before the Bush adminstration entered. You see, I know a Canadian Iraqi doctor, who was intellegent enough to become a recruiter for Canadian medical schools. When he was in Iraq, pro-Saddam mullahs took him and tortoured him the whole day and night. His neighbour was also faced the same thing for his intellectualism and he was killed. After that situation, he left Iraq and moved to Canada.

The intellectual community actually a very strong supporter of democracy in Iraq. They might not support the way it was achieved but they are happy to see that Saddam is there no more. For instance, our intellectual community is not happy that we had to go through a war before freedom but they are happy because we are an independent nation. Therefore, a heavy support from that community we see for the newly government and others. It would be VERY wrong for the americans to kill these intellectuals because then it would just drive the people to theocratic mullahs without the intellectuals guiding them.

The politicalaffairs newspaper is a marxist newspaper. It's like "Inqilab" of the communists. It is not a credible source to conclude such assumptions.

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