welcome back, fuad

our course structure here at aau is quite funny and pretty lenient, with evaluation for most of the semester courses included in that one big project students have to tackle.

this 31st was the submission date for us this semester. spent couple of sleepless nights (nevertheless, the sleep was well compensated the following day) and finally we handed in a 127 page semester thesis. it was one daunting task. but thats not the end of it. we hav to defend our work, which is on the 14th, and that means no respite till then!!! (hmmm... hav u noticed that i am never short of excuses to not keep my blog well updated?)

but there are couple of things, playing around in my head, and i would be more than happy to flush them off. right on to the respective blogs they are intended for. and i can tell you, its some pretty interesting stuffs!!! (never miss any chance to sell yourself :-) ). okay! i am gonna let you on the secret right away... (p.s. you are the first to know)

1. 'experience the Quran project'
its been a while, i had been toying with the idea of having a quran discussion group/forum to see the quran through our own eyes. all (taking part) would have to read a selected exegesis of a selected chapter/verses of the Holy Quran, and then discuss it on following two points:
i - what did i learn from or how do i see these verses.
ii - how can i practice these verses in my life.
since this blog is mainly for my personal experiences, i would use the other blog for it. as soon there are enough interested people to constitute a healthy discussion, we do hope to get going. so if you are interested, do please drop a comment.

2. passion runs deep in me for Bangladesh, my motherland. i feel the bangla blog community has strong potentials to do something fruitful and effective for her, and i hav planned a three part 'motivational talk' to go into my bangla blog. well, most, if not all, ideas are from mr amrkhaleds life makers series.

so off i go, on my mission blogomania. i will still be more than happy to receive my family and friends blessings. and one last thing, looking at the stats, i hardly hv people reading my blog... so if you have accidentally drop by, it would be nice to say hi. (pity this poor old fella')

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