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this cute little smiley angel that you see on the picture is prapti. i well suppose many of you have seen her before, at least those blogging at somewhere. probably this appeal had already been circulated in bangladehsi english blogosphere, but it doesnt hurt to repeat it again. the original posts in bangla are this and this.

in brief >>

every one of us have babies in our families, either our own, or our brothers'/sisters'. these cutie muties are the centre of attraction for the families, bringing new sources of joy and happiness every single day. its the same with prapti, and no member of her family can imagine a day without the sunshine she brings upon them all.

however, unlike other babies, prapti's sweet smile is ind death-bed. the deadly disease lukemia is on an all out effort to hijack thier sunshine from this world. but being in the primary stage, experts say, it is still curable, provided she is treated for three long years. and ofcourse, the required financial means for this is burdensome for a middle-income family like her parents'.


as appealed in the bangla blog, i would say, going out of our way to do a little for this wont hurt any of us. but just as 'droplets of water makes an ocean', this little kind steps on our side would add up to an enormous help for this little sweetheart. and in the process, we earn ourselves the credit of saving a life, and the hundreds of smile that it would take away with it.

be you in Bangladesh, or abroad, please try to do whatever you can.

(p.s. if you have not read the linked bangla blog posts, i would kindly urge you to do so. thanks)

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