of booze, babes and broken bottles

in the last weekend of may, otherwise quite town of aalborg, denmark turns into a sea of mass crowd. its the annual 'karneval i aalborg' (carnival in aalborg). since 1983, aalborg hosts this annual event celebrating fantasy and coming of spring through carnival traditions. its a celebration of life, spring and fantasy despite religious and political differences. the carnival is seen as a medium for creative folk culture, with the crowd engaging passionately in the rhythmical and musical display.

like others, i too was well looking forward to this much hyped up event, only to return with a sour experience.

first, it was the broken beer bottles paving my bicycle ride. having been 'once bitten', i 'ever shy' and indeed walked half of the way. after all, last time i had a leak, it costed me 148 kroner (~usd 25).

once at the spot, the welcoming sight was of drunk men and women pissing in the open. i must thank the sisters though, for they had the courtesy to find telephone booths. hmmm... it seems being drunk has its advantages.

i wont go into further details, but within ten minutes, i found myself heading home with a mixed experience. well, though i could smell all the fun and fervor swimming in the atmosphere, i really didnt feel comfortable at how the women were treated. probably, the system is such that they are sort of 'pressured', either through peers, or by themselves (to make oneself fit in) to dress as scantily as possible.

well, in my opinion, that was very derogatory to the honour / status of woman.

would we ever learn to view men and women as human and respect them for who they are rather than what their outlook is?

or appreciate the fact that folklore and culture isnt all about sensuality?

i wonder!


Rezwan said...

In Germany, public TV broadcasts nudity and porn after 12 at night. But surprisingly all are for the pleasure of men. Women are really exploited in these societies without themselves knowing.

kobi said...

well, there are specific shows for male, female, and gay pleasure.

The things that rezwan vai is talking about are not porn, they are adult shows. Nevertheless, I get your point.

I don't think they are that degrading towards women since it is also the women, who are participating in these activities. Therefore, not just men but women pleasure is also encouraged. Some people find it amuzing to just relax and sexually aroused and so we have the these TV channels or programs.

Also, friends let's keep sumthing in mind dat men and women are different.

bodda said...

i really liked a comment by mysticsaint. 'a person is first a human, then a man or woman'.
in my opinion, sex, like food and shelter, is just a necessity of life. but sadly it has taken the front seat...

Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

Crazy! I am sorry for your bike dude! hehehe... ki tamsha... by the way, i am back from the festival, it was great! me and my friends enjoyed working and being there.

bodda said...

managed to save the byk tho... the walking was to 'be safe than sorry'
welcome back.

Weatherman said...

Been following this blog for a while now. Great stuff! (y) Can I link to it from mine?