120 lives and a destroyed city. who gains?

it seems hamas leadership have finally agreed to creasefire and the release of captured israeli army cpl in a peace deal brokered by palestinian president mr mahmoud abbas, in exchange of palestinian prisoners at some point in the future.

cpl gilad shalit was captured on june 25 and israel immediately responded by completely devastating what was left of the already shattered gaza. israeli air raids and ground attacks destroyed bridges, infrastructre and the only power plant there, plunging the city into (almost) complete darkness. in the process more than 120 palestinian lives, of them 26 children, were lost along with the death of A israeli soldier.

the end result: cpl gilad shalit is being released and so are the demanded palestinian prisoners in exchange (though israel prefers to describe it as goodwill gesture and not direct exchange).

isnt that what both parties were demanding from day one? so why couldnt they settle on it then? why did 120 innocent ppl hav to die? why was a demolished city further destroyed? how did the inhumane sufferings of thousand gazans and the uncertainty of some israelis benefit both parties?

one thing i know for sure, at least bloggers like me had something to rant about for a while :)

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