its blogging time

the day has finally arrived for the much anticipated blogathon.
we at bloggersagainsttorture, along with scores of other bloggers are going to blog non-stop one whole day from july 29, 1400 gmt, with a post every half an hour. thats 48 posts in total; all in a day's work.

for those of you dont know, blogathon or bolg marathon, is a fund raising activity. there are three parties to it
1. the participating blogger
2. the charity he/she/they are blogging for.
3. the sponsors.
this is how it works... the sponsors pledge to sponsor a certain amount for any blog participating in the blogathon. if the participants successfully complete the marathon (i.e. posts 48 times in 24 hours), all pledged amount goes to his/her nominated charity.

we are blogging for amnesty international US, and so far have a pledge of over a thousand USD.

if you are interested, you may donate here. donation will be accepted until two days after the event, so be known you are not too late...

otherwise, please do pay us a visit here. you may also like to visit other blogathonners here.


Ehab said...

do you live in Bangladesh ?

i so much wished i cud join the Blogathon. Cudnt. Mainly because of power failures. What do u have to say about this ?

bodda said...

Hi ehab,
nice to know of your interest. our hands are tied, and all we can do is speak... ha ha ha [sarcastically lol]
i sadly dont live in bangladesh, i mean not at the moment.
>> What do u have to say about this ?
about what?