see no evil, hear no evil

as the destruction continues and suffering starts piling up in Lebanon, president bush remains defiant on his support for the murderous state of israel. "As a sovereign nation, Israel has every right to defend itself against terrorist activity," he said, though this time he added "... be mindful of the consequences. And so we've urged restraint."

in the meantime, latest attacks claimed yet another 23 lives. active southern lebanon doesnt mean a quiter gaza. its war on both front, and dead bodies continues to pile there too. '... (israeli) ongoing offensive against the impoverished Gaza Strip, killed at least six Palestinians on Sunday, July 16.'

so, what can we do?
well, here are something that you can do... remember every little bit counts.
1. sign Save the Lebanese Civilians Petition
2. donate. (i am not sure if it is limited to residents of the UAE or not) an initiative called "Ma3ak ya Lebnan" (with you oh lebanon) has been taken by the Lebanese Embassy. Send your donations to: All branches of Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank, Account # 20000488.

And this is from Beirut Spring:

3. cnn is taking a vote on whether the Israeli response is justified. show your opposition to it by taking the quick vote.
Look for the QUICKVOTE box to the right of the news in the page.
4. pray for them. whatever your faith, whichever GOD you turn... spend two minutes to say a prayer for them. ask for GOD's help.
5. lastly, create awreness and spread the message....

here are some lebanese related blogs, if you are looking for fresh info, you will surely not be turned down.
Beirut Spring - Mustapha is blogging straight from Beirut
Lebanese Blogger Forum - updates every hour from inside the mayhem
The Lebanese Bloggers - asking angrily the right questions
Blogging Beirut - life goes on and he is showing everybody how
David Bau - a big list of links to people blogging from inside Beirut right now
(thanks to safia for the links)

btw, israel has rejected UN calls to deploy peace monitors in the region. "I don't think we're at that stage yet," said an Israeli government spokeswoman.


while the world (those rare few who prefers to hear of news around the world over what paris hilton is wearing today) has its focus on israel - lebanon - gaza, the deadly sectarian violence continues to thrive with full force in iraq. up to 55 people have been killed and 58 wounded in an attack on a market outside Baghdad.

by the way, why should i be worried abt wats hapening half the globe away? isnt it too far away from me. just turn off the tv, and i 'see no evil, hear no evil' any longer.

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Sadiq M. Alam said...

thanks for dropping by.

what we can do is we can send the links of our post on the attack on lebanese civilian ppl by the israeli govt.

using the send by email option u can send ur post or mine or any others post to israeli general ppl. this will raise some awareness inside israel and we need it very badly. only pressure from inside can make the israeli govt. softer cause they don't care international pressure or opinion.

thanks a lot for ur comment in my blog.