vicious cycle of violence

israel's gaza offensive has so far (as of friday) claimed 82 mostly civilian lives in the past 12 days, of them 22 children. this incursion was in response to palestinian home made rockets and their freedom fighters' kidnapping of a teenage soldier.

israel says this is deserved response to acts of terror by the (almost powerless) palestinian freedom fighters. palestinians, on the other hand, have vowed not to let in to pressure and says will duly retaliliate.

its the same story in southern lebanon, where hezbollah guerillas captured 2 israeli soldiers and killed a few others in an attack claimed to have taken five months in planning. israel's immediate attempts to free the capture soldiers, hawkish as ever, claimed 73 lives so far, nearly all civilian (as usual). hezbollah chief responded with a declaration of war. "You wanted an open war and we are ready for an open war", said he with full defiance, shortly after surviving an assassination attempt.

it well seems things are much deeper than just hamas and hezbollah's deadly brawl with israel. syria, iran, iraq, lord USA ... all these names comes in naturally.

looks like middle east is in for some deeeeep sXXt.
the worst part : its the innocent civilians who are suffering and will suffer the most....

i wonder whether any mortal knows where, when or how will this vicious cycle end? or, will it not??


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Kazi Rubaiat Imam said...

like the new look.

like how you used the title "Lord", takes me back to imperialist britons.

bodda said...

thanks kazi shaheb.
its lord, not Lord. hee hee