Imad vai and Ailin vabis eid party

i commented in my last post, "How could there be a occassion without something on at Imad vais place." but what i forgot to mention was that since the beginning of Ramadan, Imad vai had planned, as he always does, for a grand Eid party, on the first weekend after eid. It was on sunday, the 6th of nov 2005 at some place near his house.

here are some facts:
  1. more than 60 people attended the party.... it was a huge party in all aspects, food items, people attending, arrangement everything...
  2. the main items on the menu are
  • satay ayam, a malaysian delicacy... its specially spiced barbequed chicken, served with peanut sauce, cucumber, rice cubes and onions. (we had to be content with frying the chicken, thanks to the weather)
    [this ws the hit item of the day, with not even one stick left.... (well, imad vai and i cut the chiken, stuck the chicken cubes into the satay stick, and did most of the manual job...) no wonder!!!]
  • special bangladeshi mutton haleem, prepared by our master chef jubayer vai. ten kilos of mutton and 15 kilos of dal put together and the result was three gigantic pots of haleem. There was so much leftover that everyone who helped with the cleaning up were awarded with two packs of haleem to take home. the haleem tasted excellent and was a great hit too.... but three HUGE pots of haleem for sixty people is a bit too much, especially when its just one of the numerous items on the menu.

  • biriyani, brought by uncle and anuntie ijaz, a Pakistani who has been living in aalborg for the last 40 yrs.
  • mee hoon (malaysian noodles)
  • the dessert items (which outnumbered the main dishes)
    - ailin vabis excellent coffee cake with chocolate cream
    - ijaz aunties cream cake
    - kalojam (sweets) [made by padmaja]
    - gajor ka halwa (carrot halwa) [by sonja]
    - turkish halwa [brought by basak]
    - moroccan dessert [by hanan] (i didnt get to taste it, since i was late to start eating)
    - and lst but not least, the borhani by jubayer vai.

for me it was a great party and a very interesting evening with lots of socializing... (a very tiring one too... with a lot of work)
most of Imad vais frends, vabis frens, muslims students of aau, and jubayer vais and my frens were there... and ofcourse some of akif frends got invited too....

akif is the one who had the most fun, as he was enjoying the whole evening with all the kids... he was so engrossed with his frends that he didnt hav the time to even look at his parents or any of the guests.....

i was at imad vais place from previous day morning, helping with the preparation work: shopping, chopping, cleaning and .... it was a whole load of work. after the dinner evening, i was so tired, i got back home (past 12 midnight) and dumped myself to straight to bed. when i opened my eyes the next morning, it was 8 am (the attempts of both 6 am and 7 am alarm, in waking me up went futile)

so, for those of you who didnt have so great a eid.... i am sorry.... afsos koro na bechara ra... better luck next time guys and gals.

finally... the women and men behind the scenes:

Director: Ailin vabi
Chief chef: Jubayer vai
Producer: Imad vai
sharbik tottabodayne (overall management): Akif Rahman (he was the chief satay tester)
Assistant: myself
many of our frends helped with the arangements before and cleaning up after the dinner...

lastly, as usual, you can see the pictures at ailin vabis photogallery.... (i am yet to get myself a camera)


cryptozul said...

yosh! opps assalamualaykum, read ur emails, and have wrote the reply but didnt stand a chance to send it....pc problem argghhh, now not in mood to rewrite it again, insya-Allah next week will reply...hey is this really ur blog! how come dont see ur pics in it! Better put some if not, i can't possibly approve this is urs...maybe it is actually another guy from mars claim it is u!!!

bodda said...

hmmmm!!! i dint know martians blog too. i thought they are satisfied spending their day eating mars bars and watching aliens.

probably its my martian conjugate

eccentric_human said...

salaam.. just coming back from village.. and was abt to boast to u abt the loads of food i had all these days.. but my!! seems like u had a greater eid than one we had altogether!! great to hear that..
i just can't wonder hw much u hav gained this eid!!!

bodda said...

for your kind info, food is not everything ...
but yeah, its true that i had a good eid, nevertheless not as good as it would hav been, if i were at home.