1. this morning it snowed for around five minutes at nine o three am for the first time of this season. but i was wide asleep to enjoy this wonderful scene (the wonderful part - according to my classmate). but no worries, for i am sure soon i would want a relief from snowfalls...

2. weather forecast for the next three days... maximum: 5 C and minimum... 0 C.
hmmm... some cold times looming ahead.

3. bought myself a futon bed yesterday evening (second hand ofcourse). wang (my fren from china) and I carried it all the way from town (tough job for tough men) late yesterday evening ... so last night, i had a proper place to sleep. [background info: i was camping on a sleeping bag in my own bedroom since moving in to my new place beginning of this month].
this bed is very very comfortable and add to that the cosy comforter... the result: it was ten o clock when i finally got up. arghhh.
while in bed, struggling between the choice to continue sleeping or get up, i made a new resolution... i am going back to my sleeping bag affair!!!


eccentric_human said...

How have you been, and how are you? Haven't heard from u recently...
Is it cos of the cozy bed?

bodda said...

problem with the comp. so had to send it for repair. pray i get it back soon. otherwise i am okay, and struggling with the project.