shironamheen (title less)

while i am bloggin this post, its snowing outside.
first time in life, i am experiencing snowing (yes, its snowing. i hv seen snow, but not snowing itself).
wish some of my friends were here with me, you need the right company to truly enjoy moments like this. (just got back from outside... the soft touch of snow coming onto your face... made me feel ecstatic... or maybe plain simple happy... made some little snowballs and marked my name on the snow... (tasted it too... )snow tastes little diff from water). wish i had a camera to capture the moment...

eto feelings korte giye abar konita ber hoye na ashey...
anyway... here are few highlights of wat had trespassed in the meantime
  • ailin vabi had not been to my new place. so i reckoned she deserved a formal invitation and taste of my (attempts at) cooking. so, last saturday there was a little so called house warming party at my place. altogether it was around ten ppl... a small little crowd...
the amazing part of it: i cooked everything (there were only two items on the menu, beef and chicken)... my first (and most probably last) attempt at cooking for so many ppl... the food was edible (thats wat really mattered) only that i succesfully managed to get the beef burned (lil bit though. it would hv been worse, hadnt ailing vabi arrive before time)
  • if you had seen my eid pics, you should hv realised, i was badly in need of a hairdo. well, it is actually something that i had planned long since, in fact while i was in BD, but..... so, this friday morning, i got up from bad and straight away arranged for my haricut. me, cutting my own hair.... impressive huh? i wouldnt claim its the best hair cut i hv had, but at least i dint get any odd stares later that day.
i was eagerly looking forward to this week. there was a little prob with my (brand new) PC, so i had to take her for a checkup. the guy had a look for maximum ten seconds and decided i should leave it behind with them.

"fourteen working days" that was the reply when i enquired how long its gonna take... gosh, three weeks without a pc, especially when you are within a month of your project deadline. well, that was more than two weeks back...

hope for the best. thats all i hv to comfort myself.

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