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some weeks back, i received a mail with the same subject as the title of this blog. opened the mail expecting to be yet another of those casual (and annoying) mail-tags, instead found it was a rather new concept called blog tag.

here is how it works: it started where Jeff Pulver wrote five things about himself and he tagged five people telling them to do the same. the chain, having travelled through numerous blogs was handed over to me by lu. all i have to do now is write five things about myself which people may not have known, and then tell another five people to do the same.

i will do it a little differently though. my five things will b the following five important lessons of life i learnt through personal experience last year:

1. when working towards a goal, sometimes i tend to over-emphasise on the mean to the extent of loosing focus from the goal itself.

2. everything has its rightly stated time. so neither should i want something badly, nor push aside whatever (be it opportunities or responsibilities) that comes my way.

3. Allah is interested in the inner beauty of the heart, not outer beauty of the self.

4. honesty and frankness is still the best policy. when doing things with others it is important to clarify one's position / intentions / preferences. this avoids any sort of misuderstanding and confusion*.

5. 'there is nothing called genius. its 99% hard work coupled with 1% luck'**.

and, i am passing this onto : tanim, afie, shisha man shapps, nikonian, and weatherman

* learnt this bit from euro trip last summer. i guess someone DO deserve a piece of apology... for all the 'natok's... so here it is bro.

** einstein (or someone as famous) said this. until last year, i really didnt think it was true

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