i came across an interesting analysis of the current political situation in bangladesh in one of the bangladeshi yahoo groups.

the author analysed the buildup to the current interim/caretaker government and the players involved.
according to him, this is not something that just popped up ... it was well planned years back and accordingly games were played to take the country to current situation.

here are some excerpts

"As it was predicted that military-backed so-called national consensus govt is imminent in bangladesh."

"we can divide the ground work and emergence of the present situation into five categories
1.motiur-mahfuz-debpriya axis: intellectual and media related works
2.dr kamal, dr. badruddoza, dr. oli, enu, ershad exis: political whispering
3.media(other than m+m, motiur-mahfuz) and diplomats
4.money men/magic boys: crown prince (tareq), falu, mamun,hawa bhavan etc
5.unbearable failures in some sectors: power, price hike"

"At first, in order to gain quick public support, they may implement some popular agenda
1.total ban on teacher-students politics
2.detain of some corrupt politicians, businessmen
3.improvement of law and order
4.anti-corruptions drive in all sphere
5.control of price hike, supply of essential goods
6.automation of radio-tv etc
7.some small issues like improvement of traffic congestion, illegal eviction etc

... The prime concern of us about the hidden and open secret agenda of this unelected govt....."

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[excerpted and linked with permission]

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