reflecting the life in prayer

The Internal states conducive to reflecting the life in prayer (solat) can be well summed in six words:

AWARENESS - the conscious state in which one's mind and feelings are in no way distracted from what one is doing and saying. i.e. the mind remains attentive to what one is doing, and one is whole-heartedly involved.

UNDERSTANDING - awareness that also includes the comprehension of the meaning of one's utterance.

REVERENCE - this is beyond awareness and understanding. a man may address his servant with awareness and full understanding, yet his words are without reverence, for reverence is an additional element.

AWE - it is over and above reverence, and represents a kind of fear that grows out of reverence. this is not the ordinary fear (e.g. of a snake), but the kind of fear we have of a mighty king.

HOPE - alongside fearing His punishment of our faults, we must, in our prayers, hope for the reward of God, Great and Glorious is He.

SHAME - this is something additional to all the rest, for it is based on the realization of one's deficiencies and the apprehension of sin.

excerpted from Inner dimensions of Islamic Worship (tr of Ihya UlumudDin) by Abu Hamid Muhammad al Ghazali.
tr. by Muhtar Holland


on a more personal note ... looks like winter is finally here. the temperature had been zero or lower for the most of the past week, and according to the forecast, it is expected to remain for days to come. hmmm, just when we thought (phew, luckily) no winter this year.


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