i want you ...

... to write this 100th post for me.

through all the thick and thin, i did finally manage to reach this landmark despite being the procatinating soul i am.

and so to 'celebrate' this milestone, i would like to hear what you hv to say abt this little blog of mine.

in this age of 'freedom of speech' you are free (and welcome) to say whatever you wish. so, go ahead and make your day!!!


Rezwan said...

Congrats. Keep on writing! However I enjoy your Bangla lekha more.

Ibnu Yatinah & Azizan; Abu Aisyah said...

I want you - macam nak kawin jer Fuad (ask kak alin for this meaning) :p
my blog is up again after coming back from holidays and extra work

bodda said...

apa lah bang!!! did u think saya dah lupa melayu ke?
(tapi, memang lah nak kawin... soon iA)

Ibnu Yatinah & Azizan; Abu Aisyah said...